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Twenty WorldCup 2014 Fixutres

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Twenty WorldCup 2014 Fixutres

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Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Twenty WorldCup 2014 Fixutres’ Download Free Android Apps By “ZEMTRA.”

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Twenty WorldCup 2014 Fixutres’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Twenty WorldCup 2014 Fixutres’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet.

Twenty Cricket Cup 2014 Fixtures
Twenty world cup 2014 schedule is on your device. This is the 5th edition of Twenty World Cup and this is going to start from 16 march 2014 hosted by Bangladesh. This app contains all Fixtures of Twenty world cup 2014.

* In this tournament 16 teams are playing and total 35 matches will be played excluding warmup matches
* There are 4 groups: Group-1,Group-2,Group-A,Group-B, Group A
* Group-A and Group-B contains 4 team each and they will play in there 
group and top team of Group-A will qualifiy to Group-2 and top team of Group-B will qualifiy to Group-1. 
* Group-1 and Group-2 contains 5 teams each and this will be called super 
10 round. This round will start from 21 march 2014.

This app contain detail of all matches with group, individual and 3 time zone (Current Country,Bangladesh and GMT). This app also contains all teams Squad.

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Twenty WorldCup 2014 Fixutres’ Features:
• Teams Squad
• Group Matches Detail
• Individual Team Match Detail
• Warmups Matches Detail
• Can View Matches by Team
• Can View Matches by Groups
• Can Share Match Date and Time on social media (facebook,Messages,bluetooth,gmail etc).
• View Time of Match in Three Countries (Your Country,Bangladesh,GMT).

DISCLAIMER:- All logos/images/names are copyright of their perspective owners. The content provided in this app is hosted by official site and is available in public domain.

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What’s New: * Point Table added on user’s request. Now you can see any team position in the tournament. You must have internet connection while updating table.
* Already downloaded app must be update from Google play.
* Share point table to your friends


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