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Photo Editor by Aviary

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Photo Editor by Aviary

Version: 3.2.1
Reviews: 11402
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Rating: 4.6/5
4.6 USD Free Free

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Photo Editor by Aviary’ Download Free Android Apps By “Aviary, Inc.”

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Photo Editor by Aviary’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Photo Editor by Aviary’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet.

Aviary is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss.

We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing.

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Photo Editor by Aviary’ Features:
+ One-tap auto enhance 

+ Gorgeous photo effects and frames
+ Fun stickers
+ Color balance
+ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo
+ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
+ Sharpen and blur
+ Color temperature ("Warmth")
+ Color Splash
+ Focus (Tilt Shift)
+ Draw and add text
+ Create your own memes
+ Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth

…Adding new tools all the time 🙂 Got a feature request?? It may already be in the works! Check out the list of upcoming features or submit your own idea at

>> Love Aviary? Help us beta test new releases! You’ll get exclusive access to new versions of Aviary before they become available to the public. Join our Google+ community! Learn more at

+ Purchasable effect packs! (We provide 12 effects for free, but if you’d like to add on more you can.)
+ High resolution output
+ Drag and drop to customize the toolset
+ Scroll through your recent photos in a cover photo-like view from the home screen
+ Long press on photos on the homescreen to see options (including deleting the photo from your device)

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What’s New: 4.0.1
In this version, enabled share screen preset-customization, helping users share to their favorite networks even faster!


Android Market Best Android Apps Download Free Android Apps on Android Market. Best Android Apps Photo Editor by Aviary and enjoy on Android Market Android Zone or google play on your Android phone or Android tablet without the hassle of syncing.

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