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Period Calendar / Tracker

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Period Calendar / Tracker

Version: 1.40
Reviews: 7304
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Rating: 4.7/5
4.7 USD Free Free

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Period Calendar / Tracker’ Download Free Android Apps By “ABISHKKING.”

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Period Calendar / Tracker’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Period Calendar / Tracker’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet.

The ★highest rating (4.7)★ period calendar is here!

Top 1 in Health & Fitness Over 17 Countries.
Top 5 in Health & Fitness Over 34 Countries.
Over 30,000,000 Android Users love Period Calendar.

Every woman loves Period Calendar, How great it is?
Track everything!
It does more than track your period. It can replace so many apps. I use it for tracking my moods and symptoms so I don’t have to think so hard when my doctor asks me if anything is out of the ordinary. Plus it’s super cute too.

This is awesome i installed 3 other period tracker but they all had annoying ads popping up everywhere wanting me to pay them money. Also this one has SO many moods and symptoms unlike the others! Luv this app!! ^_^
Period Calendar , Best Period, Cycles and Ovulation Tracker app and most cute app for track cycles, period and everything about woman who you try to conceive ,pregnancy or birth control.

Period Calendar is the most easy application for girls to track my ovulation,my fertility and my cycle with professional quality which you can know which days are higher rate to get pregnant,just like your secret diary.

Except the basic period cycle tracker function, girls can record anything about herself such as cycles, symptoms, moods, intercourse, weight, temperature, note or pills which you want birch control and etc. It is designed to be your personal period tracker diary and sweet secretary.

It is not only the most simple period tracker, but also safe enough to keep your period secret. You can also switch multi account if you need to track for different persons. If necessary, you can even send your period and cycle tracker data to your doctor. It should make your life easier.

Best of all, Period Calendar is totally free! you must love this Period Calendar , which is worth you try to your cycle tracker and won’t let you down.

Please be noted the notifications and widgets cannot work if you move this application to SD card.

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Period Calendar / Tracker’ Features:
★ Google Account data backup and Restoration;
Backup your period and cycle tracker data to phone or email
★ Cycle tracker , Period tracker
★ Unique diary design 
★ 43 symptoms and 64 moods to choose 
★ Pregnancy mode when you get pregnant or finish pregnancy
★ Notification for period, fertility and ovulation
★ Weight and temperature charts
★ Period tracker, cycle tracker, fertile tracker, ovulation tracker Log management
★ Period tracker menstrual cycles
★ Menstruation period, cycles, ovulation predict
★ Customer your personal period length, cycle length and ovulation
★ You can choose 1, 3 or all months data average as your period cycle length
★ Security protections
★ Multi accounts to tracker different persons’ periods
★ Restore Period tracker data from SD card and email
★ Multi language to choose
★ View or search all notes through timeline
★ Forums

Permissions description

Your accounts – discover known accounts
This permission is for filling e-mail address when setting password or backup data to gmail;

Network communication
This permission is for Google account, Gmail, Dropbox, cloud storage data backup and restoration;

System tools
This permission is for starting up notification and widgets even reboot the phone;

Hardware controls
This permission is for notification vibration;

This permission is for writing data to SD card and reading data from SD card;

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What’s New: V1.40
You can record the different menstrual flow NOW;
Added the period (bleeding days) length average function;
Fixed the bug which can not save the note for some special languages;
Pregnancy mode improvement;
Online bug fixed and minor improvements;


Android Market Best Android Apps Download Free Android Apps on Android Market. Best Android Apps Period Calendar / Tracker and enjoy on Android Market Android Zone or google play on your Android phone or Android tablet without the hassle of syncing.

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