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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle

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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle

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Android Market Best Android Games ‘Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle’ Download Free Android Apps By “Kabam.”

Android Market Best Android Games ‘Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet.

*** Build your empire today and receive an EXCLUSIVE Shield of Camaraderie! Don’t miss 50% off Lord Valentine’s Day Chest and a different item every day! ***

Join thousands of players as you build your kingdom in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North! (Camelot web players – this game does not connect to your web kingdom; it’s an all-new mobile game)

Drust mac Erp and his savage Picts have overrun Northern Britain. King Lot of Lothian is dead. His widowed queen, Morgause, appeals to her half-brother Arthur for help. It’s up to you to answer Arthur’s call and save the Kingdom!

Android Market Best Android Games ‘Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle’ GAME FEATURES
✔ Play online with thousands of other players
✔ Forge diplomatic alliances with other kingdoms
✔ Train an army of swordsmen, archers & catapults
✔ Conquer enemies across the vast world map
✔ Plan strategy in real time with live chat
✔ Participate in tournaments for valuable rewards
✔ Build a great and powerful Northern city
✔ and much, much more!

Note: A network connection is required to play

By downloading this game you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the Application License Agreement. and

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What’s New: The Mystical City of Solace will be available soon! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your Kingdom and Grow your Power in the northern territories of Camelot! In the New City you will be able to:
– Heal Wounded Troops in the Hospital (Brand New Building)
– Grow your Might thanks to Buildings in this City that come with Might!
– The New City also contains 2 New Exclusive Knights with Powerful Gear Sets to unlock
– Inventory Bug Fix


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