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Full Screen Caller ID

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Full Screen Caller ID

Version: 1.0.1
Reviews: 8720
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Rating: 4.0/5
4.0 USD Free Free

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Full Screen Caller ID’ Download Free Android Apps By “AppBasic.”

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Full Screen Caller ID’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Full Screen Caller ID’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet.

Full Screen Caller ID lets you create custom caller Ids to your contacts.
Its fun and simple User interface makes it easy and efficient to use.
Full Screen Caller Id adds an attractive screen on the caller notification screen.

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Full Screen Caller ID’ Features:
• You can add attractive Ids when you receive a call from your contacts.
• Add individual Custom Caller Ids to individual contacts.
• Enable or Disable Full Screen Caller ID with a single button.
• A simple and Attractive Incoming call notification screen with three buttons :
• Accept
• Decline
• Silent
• Select Image from camera or gallery to add to Custom Caller ID.
• More Features to be added.

Full Screen Caller Id is absolutly free to download.

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Android Market Best Android Apps Download Free Android Apps on Android Market. Best Android Apps Full Screen Caller ID and enjoy on Android Market Android Zone or google play on your Android phone or Android tablet without the hassle of syncing.

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