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Fingerprint Scanner LockScreen

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Fingerprint Scanner LockScreen

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Download Free Android Apps Fingerprint Scanner LockScreen Game By “Vector Labs.”

Android Apps Arcade & Action Games ‘Fingerprint Scanner LockScreen’ Description:

Do you want Android Apps fingerprint feature just like the one in iPhone 5S? Then this is the app for you.
Fingerprint Lock screen is the best fingerprint lock for Android. You can lock your screen and use your fingerprint to unlock your screen.

The trick is to set up the number of cycles it will scan before it can allow you to unlock the phone. Place your finger on the scanner and hold it and choose number of cycles. So if you choose 3 cycles then you wait for it to scan 3 cycles then take your finger off and boom you unlock the phone. Set this number below as it is your secret to unlock the phone.
Your friends do not know the trick , you can simply pretend that it works only for your fingerprint.

– 5 awesome HD backgrounds.
– Customization options – You set the rules and hence you are the only one who knows the trick to unlock.
– Best image qualities with optimized device compatibility.
– Professional looking and works with all HD the devices.
– Shows date and time.
– New tricky way to unlock your device.
– You can set it to appear as phone unlock so it will start up immediately after your unlock the phone. By default it is not checked. if you want this feature go to menu item settings and check set as lock screen.

Disclaimer: Fingerprint Lock Screen app does not actually scan your fingerprint and it’s obvious that phone screen cannot be used as a bio-metric fingerprint scanner for now. This technology has to be supported from hardware level. Until then time to have fun and this will help to trick your friends that you are using your locked your phone using the fingerprint feature.


Download Free Android Apps Fingerprint Scanner LockScreen and enjoy on Android Zone or google play on your Android phone or tablet without the hassle of syncing.

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