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Blood Sugar Monitor Prank

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Blood Sugar Monitor Prank

Version: 1.9.0
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4.3 USD Free Free

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Blood Sugar Monitor Prank’ Download Free Android Apps By “Safety Systems.”

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Blood Sugar Monitor Prank’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Blood Sugar Monitor Prank’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet.

Can you measure blood sugar with the phone? Fool your friends with the new Blood Sugar Monitor Prank.

Blood Sugar Monitor Prank is designed to fool your acquaintances and friends to think they have high blood sugar!

Play with Blood Sugar Monitor Prank and have fun many times at the expense of your friends.

Press and hold for two seconds to get measurement. When finger is not moved on screen a message with high blood sugar is displayed and ambulance siren sound is played.
Don’t tell your friends this: you only get normal blood sugar if you move your finger a little bit when holding finger on screen.

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Blood Sugar Monitor Prank’ FEATURES
* safe application: no viruses!
* small download size!
* looks good on HD resolution phones but also on regular smartphones. 
* contains a collection of sounds that were specifically designed for great effectiveness at maximum phone volume, but app does not modify your volume.
* great for pranks and fooling your friends

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