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Age of Warring Empire

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Age of Warring Empire

Version: 2.2.25
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Rating: 4.5/5
4.5 USD Free Free

Android Market Best Android Games ‘Age of Warring Empire’ Download Free Android Apps By “Silent Ocean.”

Android Market Best Android Games ‘Age of Warring Empire’ Description:

Android Market Best Android Apps ‘Age of Warring Empire’ For Android mobile Phone and Android tablet. Real Football is a fantasy football games.

★Never Stop The Fight!
***29 Million players and counting
***#1 Grossing Game on Google Play in over 31 Countries!

Join the Hero’s saga! Conquer distant lands!
Build an empire, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online!

Android Market Best Android Games ‘Age of Warring Empire’ Features
Free to Play
Build an Empire
Gather resources
Upgrade buildings and defenses
Raise customizable armies 
Hire upgradeable Heroes to lead troops into battle
Invade rival Empires to expand your territory
Forge alliances with other players
Become the most renowned leader the world has ever seen

Android Market Best Android Games ‘Age of Warring Empire’ COMMAND & CONQUER
*Real Heroes – Each hero has special skills based on their legend. Fight as famous figures both historical and apocryphal including Joan of Arc, Achilles, Robin Hood and many more.
*Animated Battles – See your heroes in action as you pave the path to victory with your enemies’ skulls! Marvel as their special skills strike multiple foes and counter incoming attacks.
*Collect & Upgrade Gear – Find materials to create powerful weapons and armor, inlay them with special gems to enhance their capabilities, giving you the edge in battle.
*Engaging PvE – Dozens of single player encounters allow you to collect extra resources, equipment, and improve your heroes.
*Diplomat or Barbarian? – Forge Alliances, or wage war on everyone around you in the hunt for more territory, more resources and more prestige!

NOTE: A network connection is required to play

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What’s New:
Brand New Hero: Scathach has arrived, with a set of unique skills and abilities.
What’s improved:
Fixed a number of bugs causing the game to crash.
Optimized world map search functions, allowing you to immediately locate wildernesses and strongholds.
Ranking and settings has been move to main screen.
The World Boss’s health bar will be updated in real-time.
Coming Soon: The Valentine’s Day event will arrive soon.


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