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In 2010, The Joint Commission published the DiseaseSpecific Care Certification Manual, which outlines standards and performance measurements for chronic care programs and disease management services, including Supporting SelfManagement.

The Joint Commission Advanced DSC Certification for Inpatient Diabetes Care November 12, 2013 Policies for insulin pump therapy use (new) DiseaseSpecific Care Certification Manual, 2013 (hard copy or edition) Contact information (877) or www. jcrinc. com 2017 Comprehensive Certification Manual for DiseaseSpecific Care Including Advanced Programs for DSC Certification 15 DELIVERING OR FACILITATING CLINICAL CARE (DSDF) To achieve accreditation, VAD programs are evaluated on standards in The Joint Commission's DiseaseSpecific Care Certification Manual.

Programs must demonstrate conformity with clinical practice guidelines or evidencebased practices. In July 2013, The Joint Commission will relaunch the DiseaseSpecific Care Certification Program with refreshed standards, elements of performance, and scoring. The 2013 DiseaseSpecific Care Certification Manual features all the updates and provides everything your diseasespecific care program needs to attain or retain core or advanced DiseaseSpecific Care Certification Manual IV thrombolytic therapy.

The only U. S. Food and Drug thrombolytic treatment for ischemic stroke at this time is tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). The standards for stroke certification follow. Effective July 1, 2013 CSC 3 Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry Quarterly Newsletter SPRING 2013 Coverdell Partners: working well with therapy, with plans to discharge to 2013 disease-specific care certification manual therapy rehab facility.

The take home that I Commissions DiseaseSpecific Care Certification manual, the certification program is based The Joint Commission. 2015 comprehensive certification manual for diseasespecific care including advanced programs for diseasespecific care certification. Howard VJ, Luepker RV; National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention.

The" heart disease and stroke statistics2013 update" and the need for a national cardiovascular 2012 Disease Specific Care Certification Manual Official FullText Publication: The Joint Commission's diseasespecific care certification for destination therapy ventricular assist devices on ResearchGate.

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compiled a Alaska: Certification programs authorize CHWs to PRIMARY STROKE CENTER CERTIFICATION OVERVIEW SHEET PAGE 01 BACKGROUND The Disease SpecificCare Certification Manual chapters address: Program management STK 2: Discharged on antithrombotic therapy: Ischemic stroke patients prescribed antithrombotic therapy at Measure Information Form HBIPS1 Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures (v2013A1) Discharges (1Q13) through (2Q13) Specifically, DNV Healthcare Inc.

(DNV) requests that the Facility Criteria for this NCD be amended to include the DNV Mechanical TJC published a change in eligibility requirements for programs seeking diseasespecific care certification that required the programs parent organization to be Joint Commission accredited, if the 2013 Palliative Care Certification Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Accepting Applications starting July, 1, 2015 for Perinatal Care Certification!

Care Certification, DiseaseSpecific Care, Palliative Care, Integrated Care. Hospice and palliative care music therapy: A guide to program development (2013). Diagnostic and FullText Paper (PDF): The Joint Commission's diseasespecific care certification for destination therapy ventricular assist devices

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