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British Seagull outboard motor information and advice. British Seagull Engine Serial number identifier. Free British Seagull owners Forum. British Seagull Parts. British Seagulls for sale. British Seagull" The best Outboard motor for the World Arne Lagerholm, Sweden.

Updated If you have seen a British Seagull outboard engine on a boat you may British Seagull Outboards ServiceRepair 26 hp Handbook (1977, Paperback) See more like this British Seagull Mixing Chamber Cap S Outboard Motor Engine Amal Brand New Aug 06, 2012 NOW SOLD!

This nice little classic outboard was last used in 1972. I've had it from new, but no longer have a boat. British Seagull Outboards 'The Best Outboard Motor For The World' British Seagull started in 1931 and amazingly enough it's still going strong and in British hands almost unique! British Seagull outboard. you may sink but your seagull will still be going.

like they do. this is the rubber storm cowl only (not the carb). Gear Box Oil For British Seagull Outboard Engine SAE 140 The British Seagull engine (outboard motor) has been produced by England for more than seventy years. During that time the engine has gained a worldwide reputation for British Seagull Outboard Workshop Manual Information A historically complied Workshop Manual of original British Seagull Service Sheets as written and supplied by British Seagull.

As working on British Seagulls, rather than basic servicing, becomes more necessary it Identify Your British Seagull Outboard Motor. Wondering what model outboard you've got? Select the model code (see sample serial number diagram at right) General maintenance and running advice for your Seagull Outboard Motor. 1 Run the engine in fresh water, ideally after every use in salt.

If this is not possible, put a length of 3in (76mm) hosepipe to the outlet hole and empty a gallon of water through the cylinder block to backflush the system. British Seagull Outboard Spare Parts. To order parts for your engine please contact us by telephone, fax, email or letter. Please remember to always quote your complete engine number; this can usually be found on the crankcase just above the drive shaft casing tube and should consist of

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