Yugoslavian model 5966 sks manual

Description: This Yugoslovian Model 5966 SKS rifle in 7. 62x39 caliber was stored in an arsenal overseas and was never issued. This SKS was produced over 50 years ago and is in" EXCELLENTUNISSUED" condition. The MD5966 has a 23" barrel with a grenade launcher and attachment, milled receiver, tangent rear sight and folding blade bayonet.

Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M5966 SKS rifle, semiautomatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant 7. 62x39 caliber Very Good to Excellent Condition. a flipup ladderstyle grenade sight, standard SKS sights with a front flipup orangedot night sight, folding bayonet and rubber butt pad.

We specifically disclaim any responsibility for damage or injury whatsoever, Parts and accessories for the Yugoslavian M5966 sks rifle. Home; Log In. Your source for military surplus. Manufacturers Yugoslav M5966 Yugoslav M5966. Parts and Accessories that are unique to the Yugoslavian 5966 SKS rifle. These parts will not fit other models. Filter Results by: Yugoslavia's M5966 SKS Sniper Rifles as used during the Bosnia Civil Wars.

these original variants of the Yugoslavian M59 SKS rifle are certainly rare finds and collectors should make an effort to keep documentation of the original importation with each of these rifles to verify the imported configuration.

Interordnance advertised Operational Characteristics: The Yugo Model 5966 rifle is a gasoperated, integral box magazinefed arm distinguished from other SKS variants by the prominent spigotstyle grenade launcher permanently attached to the muzzle and a Original barrel for the Yugoslavian 5966 SKS, in the white, spots of light rust, 7.

62X39, a New Old Stock (NOS) part. Sold individually. This is a New Old Stock barrel, in the white, that has never b Description: This is a Century Arms imported SKS Model 5966 chambered in 7. 62 X 39mm. It is in its box and marked as Very Good condition.

I am selling this gun on consignment and as such layaway cant be used. It

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