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Other retuning FAQs I have lost the manual for my TV or digital box. Where can I get another one? How do I retune? The Digital UK website contains links to retuning guides for specific Freeview HD TVs and HD recorders.

Retuning your TV is a very quick and simple process. We recommend that you retune not contact Digital UK unless your query is regarding the digital switchover.

First Time Installation Country Language UK English universal english manual 03. pdf 6. 2. 2009 11: 07: 02. WARNINGS Caution How do I manually retune my Digital TV equipment? Posted November 7, 2016 Technical FAQs. If you are comfortable with technical information and your basic retune hasnt worked, you can use this manual retune guide to address the following problems: Digital UK guide to manual retuning.

Trying to retune auto only gave the welsh option and a manual retune is very confusing, I tried following instructions from Digital uk site but when following stages I came up with different info to the instructions.

Retune Advice Clinic i. e. your box or TV will not allow you to swap, move or change channel numbers, you may need to do a manual retune. This should be done if you are confident with the technical side of things.

should be able to help (for the elderly, vunerable and those on certain types of benefits). Digital UK's helpline is If you need advice, visit Digital UKs website at where there is a video showing you how to retune and easytofollow guides for the most popular digital Diagnostic Tool.

All Freeview receivers have the ability to manually input the channel numbers for the transmitter you want to receive, which is normally the one your aerial is pointing at. This is known as a Manual Retune. Digital UK were set up to manage digital switchover on behalf of the broadcasters and they have a wealth of Click on the transmitter then select Quick Tips and Download Manual Retune Instructions, Digital UK. Digital UK supports Freeview viewers providing information about receiving terrestrial TV.

Retuning instructions. it may be necessary to carry out a manual retune. Note: Depending on your TV equipment, you may need to update your favourites list following a retune. Some digital recorders may require scheduled recordings to be reset. ? ? ? Coverage checker. Check the predicted Freeview coverage and channels available at a UK Freeview Retune list of manuals Here is a list of all the manuals you can download to help with the retune.

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it is not the first or second thing that you should do. But here are digital UKs instruction. you need a manual retune

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