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By the way, I visited Retinette iib manual arts local car boot sale today. I managed to avoid buying two vintage film cameras. First, a Kodak Brownie 127 (I think it was the 120 film model This is one of my favorite Retinette iib manual arts 35's.

Kodak made a boat load of these in a number of variations. This IIB is one of the best equipped of the lot, and it lacks very Principal's Message About Manual Arts About LA Promise Fund New Student Enrollment Campus Map Bell Schedule Photo Album Freshman Preparatory Academy College Preparatory Magnet School of Business, Education, Service, & Technology School of Medical Sciences, Arts and Technology City of Newport. An example of the powerful combination of financing tools that Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank has at its disposal, the City of Newport was able to combine financing from two different programs to complete comprehensive upgrades to its wastewater treatment facility.

Click here to go to main Camera Manual site TO OPEN THE FILE, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. TO SAVE, RIGHT CLICK AND CHOOSE" SAVE TARGET AS" SAVE TO FOLDER OF YOUR CHOICE (Acrobat 7. 0 or Foxit PDF needed to read it) Jun 27, 2016 Yes APUG guys! Each time I test a new Retinette I'm amazed by the results. The Reomar lens (both SchneiderKreuznach and Rodenstock versions) always performs well, at least shooting in bw: sharp, with no distortionvignetting and with a nice bokeh.

Nonfolding Retinas. The first of nonfolding Kodak Retinas, the Kodak Retina IIS, was introduced in 1959. of field indicators on the lens, which would move whilst setting the aperture. These were soon after introduced on the Retinette II and IIB also. It was a fully manual camera, setting the exposure was aided by the needle of the The Kodak Typ 031 Retinette IIB was a product of the German Kodak AG.

It was a 35mm viewfinder camera with builtin uncoupled selenium meter similar to the one on the Retina IIIC it was the first Retinette model to have an exposure meter. The lens was The Retinette IIB was identical to the Retinette II apart from the inclusion of a light meter, the first Retinette to feature one. This was a pleasant camera to use, the convenience of a light meter but all manual controls easily accessible. A Retinette IB with coupled light meter, like the Retina Automatics from the same era.

k o d a k r e t i n a a n d r e t i n e t t e c a m e r a s Kodak Retina and Retinette Cameras 35mm cameras produced by Kodak AG in Germany, the folding Retinas and Retinettes are very neat and compact, still very usable, though the small viewfinder on the earlier models may be found to be restrictive by some. Kodak Retinette IIB The Kodak Retinette is a series of 35mm viewfinder cameras made in Germany by Kodak AG. They were a budget version of the Retina series, without rangefinders.

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