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Sonokinetic has put in their utmost best to produce this unique instrument. And after a long production we proudly present to you 'Da Capo Available at our website, as download, on USB or on HDD www. sonokinetic. net Enter your search term here Search Libraries Jump to the Videos of Da Capo.

Jump to the Demos of Da Capo. Review Da Capo by Sonokinetic. Da Capo was the first of Sonokinetics Orchestral Series libraries.

The sample library for Kontakt was released several years ago but updated to version 1. 2 in 2013. Compared to Sonokinetic's Tutti and Vivace libraries, which were recorded in the same hall by the same orchestra, Da Capo is much more of an 'instrument In fact, the samples from which it is built are not intended to be used in isolation at all. Da Capo. This library captures the full sound of the symphonic orchestra.

A library that keeps things simple and straightforward. All sections and the most common articulations are provided in Sonokinetics Da Capo is an Orchestral ensemble recorded library that played in context and in combination with other instrument groups give the best realism Da Capo departs from Sonokinetics phrase libraries to give you a multisampled Sonokinetic da capo manual sketchpad that brings you their distinct sound while keeping things simple.

Sonokinetic Da Capo (ca. 245 USD from Sonokinetic. net) is an orchestral sketchpad library recorded in the same hall (Zlin Cinematic If I buy downloadable sounds from Sonokinetic can I sell my productions? Can I use the sounds to make library production music? Who else can use the sounds I have purchased? Feb 27, 2018 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Da Capo enables legato playing in the most common areas of the orchestral setup. This legato offers you a unique chance to play Polyphonic section legato within the same instrument patch. Intelligent Polyphonic section legato provides realism without adding And as long as you know what you're doing compositionally, Da Capo is indeed a breeze to use, with the four clearly defined levels of control (orchestra, section, instrument group,

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