Windows 7 register dll manually

Registering DLLs and EXEs Manually. Posted On November 24, 2009 By Steve Dunn In Developer's Corner, There are various types of DLLs (and not all have. dll extension), but only COM DLLs require a registry entry to help Windows find them. To register a DLL, use regsvr32. exe as follows: Select Start Run; In the dialog box, type the Aug 14, 2015  Applies to: Windows 10 Pro released in July 2015 Windows 10 Enterprise released in July 2015 Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Ultimate Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Microsoft Windows XP Professional Microsoft Windows XP Tablet How to manually register a DLL or OCX file Search Knowledgebase A DLL file is a module containing certain functions that can be used by Oct 01, 2012  Register a dll in windows 7.

Archived Forums V Visual C MFC and ATL. You need to be running as administrator to register a DLL. To do this manually find the Command Prompt item in the Start menu and rightclick on How can the answer be improved?

Find out how to Register, Unregister, Re register dll or ocx files in Windows, using builtin Regsvr. exe or some freeware Register DLL Tools easily. Apr 19, 2018  Describes how to manually register a OLE server (. dll or. exe) using Regsvr32. exe. How to manually register a custom OLE server. Content provided by Microsoft. you need to have the following files located in the \System directory for Windows 95 or the \System32 directory for Windows NT or later on the computer you May 18, 2010 I'm talking about a DLL that the COM DLL depends on and that is missing or cannot be loaded because it doesn't work on Windows 7.

Windows 7 would be much better without DRM and Product Activation; ) (No, I'm no software pirate) Register 32 bit COM DLL to 64 bit Windows 7. Ask Question. how to manually register a 32 bit version of SqlDmo. dll? 0. Remote Desktop connection feature in Delphi(RDP protocol implementation) Register 32 bit COM dll in 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2.

0. Problems with registration a DLL file on Windows 7 64bit. I have tried to use the following code: cd c: \windows\system32 regsvr32. exe dllname. ax But this is not working for me. How can I register a DLL file

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