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Jan 14, 2005 Page 2 of 2 Mesumount 200 just got better posted in Mounts: Heinz is reporting on this in the yahoo group. He just managed to run it via SkyX in addition to Stellarium. Technical manuals, etc can be found here.

You may need to join the group to access the files though. Cheers I continue to be VERY impressed with the Mesu 200 mount and despite having wondered if perhaps I should have got a mount where guiding was not needed This guide graph shows that when a mount guides this well, then there's no problem at all with having to guide. The ODK10 is on the mount Jan 21, 2007 Now we have an excellent user manual available for Mesu 200 (you can get this from Yahoo Mesu mount group) and Lucas will send you configuration files before shipping the mount.

The controller is also already configured by Lucas before shipping. The Mesu 200 mount will be delivered inclusive a robust contra weight axis.

Depending on the used telescope different accessories are available for the mount. This are pillars of different heights, different contra weights, polar scopes, Losmandy tripod adapters etc. Aug 24, 2016 the Mesu 200 mount.

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. The MesuMount 200 is also available as a dividable mount exciting of the RA part of 14. 5kg and a DEC part of 11, 2kg. The declination part can easily be mounted on the RA part. This variant is very suitable for observations in th field. The Mesu Mount 200 is a friction drive Equatorial mount with Paramount performance, at a Celestron price! The Mesu Mount 200 is a friction drive Equatorial mount with Paramount performance, at a Celestron price!

For information or advice call 020 8763 9953 or email The MesuMount, a highend mobile mount. The MesuMount dismantled The friction drive The axes of the MesuMount are driven through friction 2. This drive is chosen for its high efficiency, its smooth course and its high stiffness. Furthermore, the cost compared to a worm wheel drive is significantly less. Jun 23, 2012 I think the manual for one part is over 200 pages ( Argo Navis I think) John.

Logged GSO 204mm RC The Mesu does look a very interesting alternative though I am not overly impressed with the lack of through the mount cabling.

Got a chance to use the Mesu 200 mount last night with a SW 100ED and Mammut camera guided by my finderguider Ron Francis Wire Works offers several configurations of a neat windshield mounting bracket (26) designed to mount either a manual Model Tstyle arm and blade (30) or an electric wiper motor to The MesuMount 200 is unlike any other mount you will Mesu mount manual wiper seen before. Finished in stainless steel, black silk powdercoat and anodised alloy, it is a triumph of function over form.

Fisheries Supply offers a wide variety of marine hardware, including boat windshield wiper blades, motors and kits, from brands like Wexco Industries and AFI. Shop now! Jun 09, 2012 For info, the mount's base is 20cm diameter, the pier top (supplied by Mesu) is 27cm diameter, and my pier Mesu mount manual wiper is 15cm diameter.

What I have done for now is use a long M12 bolt cut so that it is 25mm above the level of the pier top (with judicious use of washers below to allow easy tightening).

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