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This applies to 22's or 20's or G2's except Cirrus will not make an aircraft with a 6 pack option. The rest of the aircraft have various avionics that will vary the cost of the aircraft over 50k They are all good aircraft even that the prices currently range from 179k on the low SR20 used range up to 440k for a new SR22 G2.

Link To Post By Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T Parts, General Aviation Products, Cessna Parts, ground and pilot supplies for sale, shop here for everything you need to keep your aircraft flying. AIRPLANE INFORMATION MANUAL for the CIRRUS DESIGN SR20 Aircraft Serials 1148 thru 1267 and Aircraft Serials 1005 thru 1147 after 3000 Pound Gross Weight Cirrus sr20sr22 MODel HistOry by Tim Gieseler I n 1999, the owners of the first delivered Cirrus aircraft had paid for a Cirrus in past years.

SR20 base SR 20 GTS SR 22 base SR22 GTS 2001 197, 600 276, 600 (Aircraft built before the introduction of the G2 are often called G1, although Cirrus has never officially referred to it Cirrus SR20G2 performance and specifications.

Length Height Wingspan Wing Area Cabin Length Cabin Width Cabin Height. 26' 8'6" 35' 7" 135 sq ft 130" 49" 50" Design Weights& Loading: Max Gross Wt Std Empty Wt Max Useful Load Cirrus SRVG2 Cirrus SR20G2 Cirrus SR22G2 FLIGHT OPERATIONS MANUAL CIRRUS PERSPECTIVE AVIONICS PILOT EDITION. NOTE Flight Operations Manual Cirrus Perspective Introduction Section 1 Terms and Abbreviations The following terms and abbreviations will be referenced in this manual.

AP Autopilot SR20 Cirrus SR20 View and Download Garmin Cirrus Perspective SR20 pilot's manual online. Integrated Avionics System. Cirrus Perspective SR20 Avionics Display pdf manual download. Also for: Cirrus perspective sr22t, Cirrus perspective sr22. The Cirrus SR20 is a fourplace, low wing, singleengine monoplane with fixed landing gear. The aircraft is constructed of primarily composite materials. The G6 Cirrus has a fantasy" base weight" of 2120 lbs, the same as our SR20G2's realworldwithoptions empty weight of 2124 lbs.

Given the high level of standard equipment in a G6, it should have a wonderful payload. SR20 on Cirrus Aircraft. Avionics. Cirrus Perspective by Garmin Cockpit 10 Screens Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) Cirrus has had a couple of revisions to their Study Guides for the SR22. I use Study Guide preciscely as that is what a book about an airplane is until it is" personalized" to an individual aircraft usually by adding the weight and balance sheet to the book by the manufacture. Forum SR20 and SR22 POH now available online.

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