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Current: Indiana Design Manual Indiana Design Manual. Welcome to the Indiana Department of Transportation's Design Manual Information site. Design Manual Active On or After January 1, 2013. : Scott Trammell Specifications Engineer.

Geotechnical Services is responsible for performing geotechnical investigations and providing recommendations for the design and construction of roadway and structures for INDOT. Geotechnical investigations include soil borings, sampling, testing, and engineering analyses for the purpose of evaluating subsurface conditions in order to Environmental Services; Indiana Design Manual; INDOT Standard Drawings; Social Links.

Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. GovDelivery. Events. Environmental Services Environmental Services. The goal of Environmental Services is to ensure that INDOT identifies and addresses the environmental needs during the development process of INDOT manuals include information for consultants, contractors and the public regarding agency projects, programs, procedures, regulations and requirements.

Permit Manuals Electronic Permitting System (EPS) User Manual (1. 83 MB) Indiana Design Manual; Permits; INDOT University; Economic Opportunity. Materials Management Information Materials Management Information. Forms, and Approved List of Suppliers and Geotechnical Consultants. Indiana Test Methods or Procedures Index Test Methods and Procedures developed by INDOT for use with INDOT INDOT Sample Scour Report (Design Manual Editable Documents, under Hyrdaulics) Indiana Historic Bridges Inventory Summary and Results; Geotechnical Manuals& Guidelines; Traffic.

INDOT Guidelines for Portable Changeable Message Signs; Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (IMUTCD) Federal Manual on Uniform The Geotechnical Design Manual focuses on geotechnical design, construction, and maintenance to ensure that the soil or rock beneath the ground surface can support the loads and conditions placed on it by transportation facilities.

This manual provides background information in geotechnical engineering and design. It also includes guidance for performing geotechnical various Geotechnical investigations for INDOT or INDOT related projects. 1. 1 PURPOSE The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance to geotechnical engineers for consistent design of

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