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In the 555 1101 you could add the 2573 MOD serial interface adapter from CTI to communicate with the ABB. ACS U1 User's Manual ABB ACS550 drive communication protocols: Modbus RTU (embedded) fieldbus adapter (FBA) With one of the optional FBA modules in the drivesexpansion slot 2, the drive can communicate to a control The model of the CTI alternative replacement, along with it's description. Alternative replacement means the module can be plugged into the rack instead of the Siemens product, but may require wiring andor program changes to function in the application.

2573mod and 2573tcm2. serial device interface adapter. installation and operation guide. version 2. 4. cti part# The CTI 2573MOD and 2573TCM2 Serial Interface Adapters are a microprocessorbased communications module GAS protocol manager is described in a separate reference manual. See the. General ASCII Support Protocol Manager Reference Manual. for comprehensive information.

2573MODTMC2 Serial Interface Adapter with MODBUS The 2573MOD provides support for communicating with serial and Modbus plant floor devices such as modems, bar code readers, scales, displays, printers, and other PLCs. Manual& padlocking operations, as well as electronic correct model and configuration Bottom cable entry is provided as standard.

: Phase to phase CTI CTI Transfer Panel INSTALLATION Rf. : 533 695 B 9 Network configurations VOLTAGE CONFIGURATIONS Phase to Phase voltage Brooks CTICryogenics Cryopumps Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

[Text TI 505 with CTI 2573mod LIVE PLC Questions And Answers The CTI 2573 (either MOD or TCM2) Serial Interface provides the capability to interface the PLC to devices which support serial data communications.

The 2573 provides four serial ports. Each port is independently configurable for electrical interface, communications parameters, and protocol. Each serial port supports RS422, RS485, and a subset of Cti 2572B Pdf User Manuals.

View online or download Cti 2572B Installation And Operation Manual The FG Wilson CTI load transfer panel provides you with the assurance that when the utility power fails, power will automatically be transferred to the building load from the mains This Installation and Operation Guide provides reference information for the CTI 2572A Ethernet TCPIP Module.

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