Ge watthour meter manuals

SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM FOR WATTHOUR METERS Fig. 25Wiring Diagram R8 Watthour Meter when used with Varhour Meter. Both Having Alarm Contacts. 11 HI D A F C H J G 8 E. , 1 rhl R6 C3 Cl3 C2 Cl2 Cl Cll R9 RS R5 To Alarm Fig. 27Wiring Diagram R8 Varhour Meter with Alarm Contacts. The controversial new GE SmartMeter Are you using the new General Electric CL200 (PGE 77M446) model watthour power meter? Are you confused by the data displayed on the face of the digital power meter? The professional meter engineer or meter technician should refer to more advanced documents such as the EEI Handbook for Electricity Metering and the application standards for more indepth and technical coverage of the Return to the Watthour meter page.

For data on later GE meters, refer to the modern meters section. FACILITIES INSTRUCTIONS, STANDARDS, AND TECHNIQUES Volume 310 WATTHOUR METER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING Internet Version of DS50 AND DS60 SERIES POLYPHASE SWITCHBOARD WAlTHOUR METERS the matter should be referred to the General Electric Company.

. com. DS50 AND DS60 SERIES POLYPHASE SWITCHBOARD WA fiHOUR METERS of rotation of the watthour meter rotor, these mark A menu of GE Industrial Systems metering product groups Feb 12, 2008 Itron Remote Read Electric Meter My house is equipped with an Itron remote read electric meter. This is a fancy digital electric utility meter that broadcasts it's usage information so the meter guys can just drive around to get usage information for billing.

Thus a utility using, e. g. GE meters with 52ESS ERT modules could also

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