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Ambulance Call Report Completion Manual: The Ambulance Call Report (ACR) is an essential medical record for documenting information about circumstances and events relevant to the proper provision of ambulance service.

This manual will assist all levels of Paramedics in completing the ACR. POLICY TITLE: Ambulance Call Report (ACR) Completion and Distribution. ORIGINAL DATE: February, 2008: Ambulance Call Report (ACR) Completion Manual, as amended; d) responsible for completion of the Ambulance Call Report (ACR) according to the available to the receiving hospital upon delivering a patient and a final report must be done within 24 hours.

For the electronic PCR, see your departments completion instruction manual. In a tiered EMS response situation involving two different levels of service, where one level arrives ALS Unit may be documented as a PFR to The Ambulance Call Report Completion Manual provides a detailed sectionbysection orientation to the ACR and provides direction regarding the information to be documented within specific fields on the form.

Sunnybrook Regional Base Hospital Program OPERATIONAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL May, 2016 V. Page 1. OPERATIONAL POLICIES. AND. OPERATIONAL POLICIES. TOC means Transfer of Care Accepted abbreviations: means the Ambulance Call Report Completion Manual of the ambulance call report request Please provide us with the notarized signed authorization of the patient or patients family, along with the information requested below.

Ambulance Call Report Completion Manual Version 3. 0 6 Part 1 Preface Part 1 Preface Preface The Ambulance Call Report (ACR) is an essential medical record for documenting information about circumstances and events relevant to the prop er provision of ambulance services. Con dential when completed Ambulance Call Report Demographics Hospital Registration Number InterHospital Transfer Home Care Homes for Special Care Nusing Home Patient Home for the Aged Date of ACR Completion YYYY MM DD Time of ACR Completion Remarks Primary Problem Disposition of Effects Records Request.

Share Print. The Fire Department of the City of New York commonly issues records to the public. Below are instructions for obtaining common documents by mail or inperson, along with forms that are needed to complete the process. Ambulance Call Report PreHospital Care Report. Get Record Request Form (PDF) (718) or 1999 Ambulance Call Report Prehospital Care Report Request Form SECTION A CUSTOMER INFORMATION Please print the required information below.

Name Telephone Number The Ambulance Call Report Completion Manual was developed by a Working Group of the Ontario Base Hospital Advisory Group in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and LongTerm Care, Emergency Health Services Branch. Ambulance Vehicle Replacement Form Please use this form when replacing or rechassis of an ambulance in your fleet. If you are adding an additional ambulance to your fleet please use the Additional Ambulance Application in the elicensing system.

EMS REPORT FORM TRAINING MANUAL March, 2014 3 INTRODUCTION Documentation should reflect the standard of care in the community and justify the services rendered.

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