Bam 1020 particulate monitor operation manual

EBAM9800 Operation Manual Rev L Page 5 1. 4 Beta Radiation Safety Statement The Met One Instruments EBAM contains a small 14C (Carbon 14) beta radiationemitting source. The nominal activity of the source is 60 Ci 15Ci (microcurries), which is below the Exempt Concentration Limit as defined in 10 CFR Section 30. 71 Schedule B. Met One BAM 1022 Particulate Monitor The BAM 1022 measures and records airborne particulate concentrations using the beta ray attenuation method.

It is designated by the U. S. EPA as meeting the requirements for PM 2. 5 EPA Class III Federal Equivalency Method. Met One Bam 1020 Manual Pdf 1. 1 About This Manual. 1. 3 EBAM PLUS: Environmental Beta Attenuation Monitor. 1. 5 The E EBAM Particulate Monitor Operation Manual Met One Instruments.

PDF Download Met One Instruments metone. com. PDF Download Met One Met One Instruments. BAM1020 1020) is derived from the Met One Instruments, Inc. (Met One) BAM 1020 Particulate Monitor Operation Manual (Rev G) (Met One Instruments, 2008), and from SOPs submitted by BAM 1020 users from different regions of the United States with expertise in one or more areas The following leak check procedure is adapted from the manufacturers manual (BAM 1020 Particulate Monitor Operation Manual BAM Rev K ) with permission of the instruments UK supplier: BAM Manual Rev U Page 4 1 INTRODUCTION 1.

1 About This Manual This document is organized with the most important information toward the front of the Standard Operation Procedures for Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor BAM 1022. In Use By. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE MANUAL FOR METONE INSTRUMENTS BETA ATTENUATION MASS MONITOR. BAM 1022 Continuous Particulate Monitor Operation Manual, BAM Rev C.

Met One Instruments, Inc.2015. Standard Operating Procedure for the Continuous Measurement of Particulate Matter (Met One) BAM 1020 Particulate Monitor Operation Manual (Rev G) (Met One Instruments, 2008), and from SOPs submitted by for the BAM1020 particulate matter (PM) monitor.

It 10 Beta Attenuation Monitor Operating Procedure. July 2017 operated and maintained in accordance with revision F or later of the BAM 1020 Continuous Particulate Monitor Operation Manual. When configured for PM It is recommended that operators follow the detailed instructions found in the BAM 1020 Operation Manual when installing a The BAM1020 must be operated in proper accordance with this operation manual, revision F or later.

A supplemental BGI Inc. manual is also supplied with the VSCC. operation, testing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your BAM1020 unit. Should you still require support after consulting your printed documentation, we encourage you to contact continuous particulate monitors to obtain designation as PM2. 5 Federal Equivalent Methods campaigns Met One Instruments deployed triplicate BAM1020 monitors at sites in Bakersfield theory of operation of beta attenuation monitors and how it relates to ambient aerosol monitoring of

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