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We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Stata has special names for each of these ancillary statistics, " r2" is the name for Rsquared, " dfr" for residual degrees of freedom and" bic" for the BIC.

You can get the names of these items from the ereturn list and from the help file. Hi everyone! I may have a bit of a weird question, but I am struggling a bit with creating a table of a mean ttest in Stata 13. My data has about 2800 lines and I tried" esttab" as below, but stata reports that it is an unrecognized command.

I search for" esttab" in help manual; the results suggest no entry found in search on esttab. I want to create a table in Stata with the estout package to show the mean of a variable split by 2 groups (year and binary indicator) in an efficient way.

I found a solution, which is to split th Installation Installation using the ssc command (recommended). To install the estout package, type. ssc install estout, replace in Stata. Compatibility: estout Add the \specialcell command for manual line break where they are not the same? Then I could look into it perhaps it has been fixed in Stata 13 or newer versions of estout without us knowing.

Laura on at 1: 53 pm said: Has anyone found a solution for this problem already? This is my Stata code so far: estpost su prueba estout. Making Regression Tables in Stata. Overview; Installation; Examples. esttab; estout; eststo; estadd; estpost; Description estpost posts results from various Stata commands in e() so that they can be tabulated using esttab or estout University of Bern, [email protected]

unibe. ch Also see Manual: [R estimates Online: help for Description. The estout package provides tools for making regression tables in Stata. The package currently contains the following commands. esttab

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