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The ECDL Advanced is the logical progression for candidates who have achieved the ECDL Standard certification and who wish to enhance their ICT skills and demonstrate their competence in using a computer at a higher level.

The four obligatory modules are: Access Database. Order ICDL manuals. Please complete the required information in the order form below and click on the submit button. Well get back to you as soon as possible to arrange for method op payment and shipment arrangements (courier or post).

ECDL Advanced is a fixed combination qualification, which builds on existing knowledge of key software applications including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

The achievement can be used as credit transfer towards a flexible level 3 ITQ diploma. ECDL Foundation provides sample tests to enable potential candidates and employers to understand Advanced Word Processing in more depth and prepare for testing.

Download the Advanced Word Processing Sample Test Office 2013& Office 2016 (. zip) The ECDL Advanced Modules are: Advanced Word Processing use the advanced features of word processing applications to enhance your work, improve productivity, and save time.

Ideal for the workplace. Advanced Spreadsheets bring your spreadsheet skills to an expert level. Use the full potential of the spreadsheet application to produce higher CiA was the first company to offer all four ECDL Advanced modules which are accredited by the ECDL Foundation.

These resources guide the learner around the topics required for the assessments and follow the same style and structure as our successful ECDL titles. During this course, participants will learn about the more advanced features of word processing such as the auto text and auto correct features, macros, mail merging, the auto format feature, the table of contents, the creation of forms, document templates and newspaperstyle columns.

Download the Advanced Word Processing Sample Test Office 2013 (. zip) Download the Advanced Word Processing Sample Test Office 2010 (.

zip) Please note: Answers are provided for the multiple choice questions of the sample papers, please refer to ICDL training materials for ECDL Advanced Word Processing is for the individual who uses a word processing application to prepare reports, news letters and forms, and who wishes to prove that their level of skill is beyond that of a Training for ECDL Advanced Word Processing A Practical Course in Windows XP and Office 2007 Revised by The Manual Advanced Word Processing for Microsoft Office 2007 for ECDL offers a practical, stepbystep guide This manual is part of the complete suite of ECDL Advanced manuals available from Blackrock Education Centre which includes AM3 Word Processing, AM4 Spreadsheets and AM5 Databases.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER 80 for the Advanced suite of four manuals, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations. Manual demo tests. The demo tests for the manual tests will make you familiar with the structure, wording and length of the respective ECDL certificate test.

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