Ge multilin 369 relay manual reset

GE Power Management 369 Motor Management Relay iii TABLE OF CONTENTS 5. 5 S4 CURRENT ELEMENTS. SETPOINTS PAGE 4 MENU. 532 Would you like us to contact you regarding 369 Motor Management Relay? table of contents 369 motor management relay instruction manual toc1 table of contents 1: introduction ordering.

11 View and Download GE 469 instruction manual online. MOTOR MANAGEMENT RELAY. 469 Control Unit pdf manual download. RESET MODE 16 bit integer Starter Aux b All Resets FC110 Unsigned ASSIGNABLE INPUT FUNCTION 16 bit integer Remote Reset Only Keypad Reset Only GE Multilin 469 Motor Management Relay 647 Courtesy of The 369 is a digital relay designed to provide complete and accurate protection and monitoring for three phase industrial motors and their associated mechanical thermal memory, allowing a manual reset and restart.

The 369 can be programmed to provide a single shot emergency restart following an overload trip. The TABLE OF CONTENTS i 1 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Motor Protection Requirements. 11 1. 2 269 Plus Relay Features. 11 RESET POSSIBLE COMPUTER RS485 AUXILIARY RS485 LOCKOUT 469 STATUS MOTOR STATUS OUTPUT RELAYS The new firmware revision applies for the basic 469B relays.

GE Multilin technical support The basic 469 relay instruction manual has been updated to publication number GEK D. Updates to the instruction manual GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay v TABLE OF CONTENTS OVERLOAD ALARM.

534 Management Relays. REVISION HISTORY Manual Part No. 169 169 Plus Software Revision Release Date (MDY) g GE Power Management 2 The 169 Plus relay provides a complete statistical record of the motor being protected. The total motor running The correct operation of the Multilin 169 relay is continually checked by a builtin firmware Reliance Electric Manuals: GE Multilin GE Multilin GE Grid Solutions Motor Management Relays, Current Distance Relays, Transformers, and More! The GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay Series by GE Digital Energy features customizable relays that enable the user to monitor and protect three phase motors in industrial applications.

AX GE Multilin 369 LV& MV Motor Management Relay Specifications The motor management relay shall provide primary protection and management to medium External Reset, to allow resetting trips or latched alarms Speed Switch to accept a trip signal from a speed monitoring device View and Download GE 369 communications manual online. Motor Management Relay.

369 Relays pdf manual download.

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