Ti-35 galaxy solar manual

Texas Instruments Ti35 Galaxy Solar Guidebook [Calculator Handbook on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Texas Instruments TI35 Handheld Electronic Calculator This scientific handheld electronic calculator has a relatively thin black plastic case with an array of forty small rectangular black plastic keys (one key is missing on this example).

1979. An example of this manual is with. Location Currently not on view date made This service is provided by the Datamath Calculator Museum to enable collectors and users of vintage Texas Instruments products to have access to the technical information which will help them understand how it was intended to function, and make it operational again.

It is a horizontal variant, but the functionality was identical to the European 1984 TI30 GALAXY. Solar version was called TI35 GALAXY SOLAR. Texas Instruments TI35 GALAXY SOLAR The Texas Instruments TI35 GALAXY SOLAR is a scientific calculator with 8 digits precision and algebraic logic.

It has 42 functions, 42 keys and an LCD (liquid crystal) display. From a technical view the TI35 Galaxy Solar is identical to the TI30 Galaxy SLR and uses even the same Toshiba T6975AS singlechip calculator circuit. Main disadvantage of this calculator is the small display size with only 5 digits for the mantissa in the engineers mode. TI35 Galaxy Solar Guidebook [Unknown on Amazon.

com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. VINTAGE TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI35 Galaxy Scientific Solar Calculator No Case 9. 50. Scratches but it works

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