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Tennessee SelfConcept Scale, Second Edition (TSCS: 2) D. Houk, C. Lemmond, & H. West History of the Test Developed by: William H. Fitts and W. L. Warren The first 20 items on either version serve as a short form, which is convenient when you need only a quick summary of selfconcept.

The Tennessee SelfConcept Scale: Second Edition (TSCS: 2) Adult Form Test Report Otherwise, a good reading reference copy of this scarce manual for the first issue of this test. OOO [2. 0P The Tennessee SelfConcept Scale is a selfconcept measure developed by William H. Fitts in 1965. Get this from a library! Tennessee selfconcept scale: TSCS2. Manual. [William Howard Fitts; W L Warren; Western Psychological Services (Firm) The construct validity of responses to the Tennessee Self Concept Scale (TSCS) was evaluated in two sets of analyses.

First, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, and an analysis to the Test Manual. Despite this tremendous popularity, reviews of the TSCS differ dramatically. In his extensive review of selfconcept instruments, Tennessee self concept scale: Manual [William Howard Fitts on Amazon.

com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The Tennessee SelfConcept Scale is a selfconcept measure developed by William H. Fitts in 1965. An updated version Tennessee Self Concept Scale 15 How I See MySielf Scale (Primary and Secondary Form) 17 A Semantic Differential for Measurement of Global and Specific SelfConcepts 19.

The PiersHarris Children's Self Concept Scale (The Way I Feel About Myself) 21. Michigan State General Self Concept of Ability Manual of Tennessee SelfConcept Scale. Mental Health Department, Nashville, TN. Keywords. Selfconcept. Document Actions Export Bibliography; Test Division Reference Database Search; MMPI History; FAQs; 1930 to 1939; 1940 to 1949 The Tennessee SelfConcept Scale, one of the most popular measures of selfconcept in children, adolescents, and adults, offers norms down to age 7, easy scoring procedures, and guidance in interpreting scores and designing therapeutic interventions.

" The PiersHarris Children's SelfConcept Scale" (Piers, 1984) and the" Tennessee Self Concept Scale" (Fitts, 1991), both commonly used instruments, are also rooted in the global tradition, although each also provides domainspecific scales. The Tennessee SelfConcept Scale (TSCS) was originally developed to fill the need for a scale that would be simple for the respondent, broadly applicable, and multidi Tennessee Self Concept Scale.

Purpose: Designed to summarized an individuals selfworth. Population: Validity: The manual presents correlations between the TSCS scales and those of the MMPI, the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, and several other wellknown measures. A great many of these correlations are significant; so Tennessee SelfConcept Scale Organization Questions answered on a scale of 15 1 being completely false 5 being completely true Scoring Tennessee SelfConcept Scale: Manual.

USA: Western Psychological Services. Hattie, John (1996). [Review of the Tennessee SelfConcept Scale. In J. C. Impara& B. S. Plake (Eds. ),

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