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Make sure your prepared solo appears in the current NYSSMA Manual (XXXI) by checking with your school music teacher or private teacher. Levittown Public Schools AllStateNon AllState level 16RegAllState JazzClassical Guitar The NYSSMA Solo Festival is an annual music event in which music students perform a piece of prepared music for evaluation by a professional music educator, including scales, sight reading and performance of a prepared solo selected from the official NYSSMA Manual (Levels 16).

NYSSMA Level 16 THE NYSSMA MUSIC FESTIVAL STUDENT LETTER The NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Solo Music Festival will be held at Glen Cove High School thon March 14 and 15th, 2018. Students are given the opportunity to perform a prepared piece Jan 21, 2012 I do not have access to a manual nor a teacher for reference, and i plan to preform a NYSSMA level 6 duet for two flutes with my friend this year but have no way of knowing what pieces are accepted at this level.

Would someone be able to give me a list of accepted repertoire? Or just a few of them? I would prefer to play a more difficult level 6. The NYSSMA Manual is a 600 page reference book copyrighted by the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA). It is updated every three years. NYSSMA Manual Edition 32, effective July 2018, ( Yellow& White colored pages), is the current edition.

Bach, Johann Sebastian Sonatas& Partitas (6), BWV. (RonnauSchneiderhan) Play any 1 as described in NYSSMA: Sonata No 1 in Gm, BWV 1001; NYSSMA Solos and FAQ Answer Page, at Hickey's Music Center Online NYSSMA Level 16.

THE NYSSMA MUSIC FESTIVAL. STUDENT LETTER. The NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Solo Music Festival will be held at Locust Valley High School on April 19th and 20th, 2017. Students are given the opportunity to perform a prepared piece Mrs. Weeks's Classoom Site. Search this site. Home; Mixed Chorus. Chamber Singers NYSSMA Solos (levels 16) from the NYSSMA Manual and practice sight reading.

View the list of all the NYSSMA Vocal Solos Level 16 NYSSMA Solos View the judge's sheet Check the rehearsal schedule and Performance schedule A Critical Review of Violin Solos Section of the NYSSMA Manual INTRODUCTION One of the common tasks of music associations at statelevel is to offer official Mar 21, 2009 What are example of NYSSMA Level 6 Piano Pieces? I don't have a private teacher so I don't have any reference. If anyone could just give me a list that would be great.

NYSSMA Evaluation Festival solos are split into six levels of difficulty, with the 6th level being the most difficult (see our Grading page for a rough guide to what the levels mean). If you are also planning to audition for an AllState ensemble, you must play a Level 6 Previous NYSSMA Piano (Level 5) Part 2 Next NYSSMA Violin Level 1. NYSSMA Piano (Level 6) NYSSMA Piano (Level 6) from 0. 00. Level VI.

Prepare: Perform: Three (3) of the prepared major scales; All three scales are chosen by the adjudicator; TitleComposerNYSSMA Manual Page:

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