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Hazus Technical and User's Manuals This record contains HazusMH 2. 1 Multihazard Loss Estimation Methodology Technical and User Manuals for the Earthquake Model, the Flood Model, and the Hurricane Model as well as the Earthquake Advanced Engineering Building Module (AEBM) User Manual and the Flood Information Tool (FIT) User Manual. HAZUS 99SR2: Earthquake Event Report Region Name: Earthquake Scenario: Print Date: study region HAZUS estimates that about 20, 743 thousand buildings will be at least moderately damaged.

Chapter 5 of the HAZUS technical manual. Table 4 below summaries the expected damage by general occupancy for the buildings in the region.

Table 5 HAZUS earthquake loss estimation methods. which are estimated from the building fragility and capacity curves specified in the HAZUS Technical Manual (NIBS, 1999) [4. HAZUS Earthquake Loss Estimation Methods (Wald et al. 1999). Users of HAZUS Earthquake may now import ShakeMap data (from ShakeMap web sites) for rapid postearthquake estimation of earthquake losses in the affected region. moderate, extensive, and complete. The HAZUS Technical Manual or the Earthquake Spectra paper Development of Multihazard Loss Estimation Model MH HAZUS M R4 Technical Manual Developed by: earthquake hazard technical manual.

Hazus Mr4 Earthquake Tech Manual. Uploaded by hammads88. Related Interests. Windows Registry Collection and Classification. A Look at Commercial Buildings in 1995: Characteristics. November 1999 HAZUSMH MR2 User Manual iii FOREWORD defined in the technical manual. Where construction quality is known to be different from the defined norms, larger uncertainties in loss projections may be realized. HAZUS should still be regarded as a work in progress.

Additional damage and loss data from FEMA (1999) HAZUS Earthquake Loss Estimation Methodology. Technical Manual, Prepared by the National Ins titute of Building Sciences for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington DC. Multihazard Loss Estimation Methodology Flood Model HAZUSMH MR3 Technical Manual Developed by: Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency Multihazard Loss Estimation Methodology: Earthquake Model, HazusMH MR5: Technical Manual [open pdf 4 MB" The Technical Manual describes the methods for performing earthquake loss estimation.

It is based on a multiyear project to develop a nationally applicable methodology for estimating potential earthquake losses on a regional basis. For more information on HAZUS and CDMS, including updates, publications, FAQs, training, user groups and technical support, please visit the FEMA HAZUS website.

For questions concerning the Institute's HAZUSMH Programs and HAZUSMH training, contact: Download the Hazus Earthquake User and Technical Manual from the FEMA Library. Hazus Hurricane Manuals The Hazus Hurricane Wind Model is an improvement over existing loss estimation models because it uses a wind hazardloaddamageloss framework. FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY FEMA 366 SEPTEMBER 2000 HAZUS99 Estimated Annualized Earthquake Losses for the United States Rocky Mountain Basin and Range

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