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Manual Lymphatic Drainage On this course you will learn all about the Lymphatic system and the lymph nodes and how to drain the lymph manually using gentle massage techniques Cost: 170. 00 (Deposit of 60. 00 required to confirm booking) Jul 02, 2013 A Dr. Voddercertified lymphedema therapist describes Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a gentle and effective way of helping the body's lymphatic system.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD Manual lymphatic drainage. Manual lymphatic drainage is the application of light, flowing strokes of massage in specific patterns with the goal of alleviating lymph edema after lymph node resection or radiation therapy.

Offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy in London for the treatment of lymphedema as well as other conditions, Ontario. Jennifer is Manual Lymph Drainage is a very light massage that uses circular movements and gentle pumping actions to increase the speed in which lymph flows through the body. (MLD increases the flow of lymph to around 100 to 120 beats per minute.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a light massage therapy technique in which the skin is moved in certain directions based on the structure of the lymphatic system. MLD techniques are designed to increase the movement of lymph and interstitial fluid from a compromised to uncompromised part of the body. The lymphatic system is composed of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and organs.

Our lymph nodes act as a filtration system and remove microorganisms and other foreign substances. Stimulating the lymphatic system through manual lymphatic drainage will activate all of the lymph nodes, vessels and organs, as well as encourage fluid circulation and cell

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