Ocrconfig manualbackup 11gr2 new features

To Backup manually I use as below ocrconfig manual backup [[email protected] ocrconfig manualbackup PROT20: Insufficient permission OracleAPPSDBA& Oracle DBA Blog OracleDBA1011g G Oracle Cluster Registry Utility Reference.

This appendix describes the syntax of the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) configuration utility, OCRCONFIG, and troubleshooting OCR, which includes descriptions and usage information for OCRCHECK and OCRDUMP.

ocrconfig manualbackup. then you must run the ocrconfig add command to add a new OCR Jan 07, 2016 Backup and Restore Oracle Cluster Registry in Oracle 11gR2 Run the ocrconfig manualbackup command on a node where the Oracle Clusterware stack is up and running to force Oracle Clusterware to perform a backup of OCR at any time, rather than wait for the automatic backup.

You must run the command as a user with administrative # ocrconfig manualbackup The new OCR disk must be owned by root, must be in the oinstall group, and must have permissions set to 640. Provide at least 100 MB disk space for the OCR. Apr 23, 2017 Oracle RAC 11gR2 Voting Disk& OCR Backup. Manual backups: a) can be taken using the" ocrconfig manualbackup" command Example: check for all the backups. 10g New Features; 11g New Features; RAC Interview Questions; High CPU using sessions in Oracle Database; Aug 22, 2015 New Features for Release 2 (11.

2) Optionally, if you want to restore OCR to a raw device, then you must run the ocrconfig repair replace command as root, assuming that you have all the necessary permissions on all nodes to do so and that OCR was not previously on Oracle ASM. RAC 11GR2 Interview Questions; CP Analyzer; It is recommended that OCR backups may be placed on a shared location which can be configured using ocrconfig backuploc command.

# ocrconfig manualbackup ORACLE CLUSTER REGISTRY (OCR) DEMYSTIFIED Anonymous says: January 9, 2013 at 2: 44 pm APACOUC. org 2018 Webinar Tour 18c New Features for DBAs 27th July; Oracle 18c Database Docker available; Oracle 11g RAC Interview Questions.

ocrconfig manualbackup (to take manual backup) 2)Manual backupsYou can use the ocrconfig manualbackup command to force Oracle Clusterware to perform a backup of the OCR at any time, rather than wait for the automatic backup that occurs at 4hour intervals. The manualbackup option is especially useful when you to need to obtain a binary backup on demand, such as before you make changes Apr 24, 2017 In Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2 an additional component related to the OCR called the Oracle Local Registry (OLR) is installed on each node in the cluster.

[[email protected]# ocrconfig local manualbackup. 11g New Features; RAC Interview Questions; Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 (11. 1) New Features in Oracle Clusterware. This section describes the Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 (11.

1) New ocrconfig command options. The ocrconfig command now includes a new manualbackup option that enables you to force a manual backup at any time, Sep 22, 2010  With the recent announcement of Oracle Database 11gR2 (. 2) certification with Oracle EBusiness Suite, weve also certified two new features with the EBusiness Suite to make your life a little easier.

These two new features are: The Single Client Access Name (SCAN) feature that was introduced with the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Grid Infrastructure to simplify client access

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