St e2 manual flash camera

Sep 06, 2018  Canon STE2 Speedlite Transmitter User Review the camera gets most of its metering information from the STE2Speedlites. The camera also uses data from the lens, such as distance information and fstop values. The transmission range is 8 metres outdoors (and the flash can illuminate a subject up to a further 2m away, so Manual power adjustment Flash power settings are manually adjustable from full (11) to 164 in 0. 3stop increments. Press the [SelectSet button to activate manual flash power adjustment, indicated by a blinking fraction.

Use the [ Buttons to adjust manual flash power from full to 164th power in 0. 3stop increments. A models), the STE2 can be used only for manual flash and multiflash photography. See pages 23 to 27 in this booklet and the Speedlite 550EX Instructions. Symbols used in this Instructions booklet: 0: Warning for preventing camera or STE2 a: malfunction. Supplementary notes for using the STE2 with the camera. View and Download Canon Speedlite Transmitter STE2 instructions manual online.

Instruction manual. Speedlite Transmitter STE2 Camera Accessories pdf Oct 20, 2007 By" the STE2 can do this just fine"I mean that the STE2 can trigger a Manual slave to fire. The slave must have the same ID channel (1 to 4 Duh) and can be in either" A" group or" B" group. The STE2 cannot command any unit (manual or ETTL) set for" C" group. " Access to camera menu" is the special function designed by YONGNUO for STE2. This enables you to set the relevant parameter of speedlite through access to the camera menu, providing convenient and direct use.

If the STE2 is used with a TypeB camera, only manual flash shooting and Page 4: Table Of Contents Conventions Used in this Manual The operation procedures in this instruction manual assume that both the camera and STE2s power switches are ON. The Canon STE2 Speedlite Transmitter is a dedicated ETTL (II) wireless autoflash transmitter that can control an unlimited number of flashes with Canon Speedlites 420EX, 430EX, 430EXII, 550EX, 580EX and 580EX in two separate groups; A and B.

After flash fires STE2's flash confirmation lamp lights in green for 3 sec. AF Assist Beam Compatible with EOS3's 45point Area AF and 28mm and longer lens focal lengths Effective Range: Approx. 0. 6 to 10m2. 0 to 16. 5 ft along the periphery (in total darkness).

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