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manual. Most spark detection equipment has been approved as a system by Factory Mutual. To This is a GreCon BS704 Control Console for spark system. Title: Maintaining Spark Detection& Spark detection systems extinguishing devices provide the supperssion of sparks and burning embers in production equipment, pneumatic conveying and filter systems.

Sep 27, 2012 Spark Detection in dust extraction system For more information on the full product range contact 0191 414 7200 or [email protected] org BS 7 Spark Detection and Extinguishment Systems Offer Safety for Your Production SPARK DETECTION AND EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS Reduce Your Risk of Fire and Dust Explosions.

xxxxxxxxxx\r. spark detection and extinguishment system was born. Extinguish before ignition. Today, our spark detectors monitor GreCon Spark Extinguishing Systems. GreCon, Inc. y Bob Barnum, GreCon, Inc. In most types of process facilities, spark detection and extinguishment is the first line of defense against fires. Fire suppression, building sprinklers and similar types of equipment minimize damage once a fire has been set off.

Ideally, spark detection and All FagusGreCon catalogues and technical brochures. SPMSPL. GreCon Spark Detection& Extinguishment Systems" I Why GreConThe GreCon spark extinguishingsystem was introduced as a worldfirst for preventive fire protectionin 1973Decades of expert experiencein several industriesOver 200, 000 FagusGreCon Since 1911 Innovation is our Tradition; Find Voids, Blows, and Unbonded Areas Blow Delamination Detector UPU 6000; Spark detection& extinguishing applications for many different industries, including: Wood Products.

Metal Production& Recycling. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems can reduce your risk by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers before they reach the dust collector, filter, or silo. Spark detection is a preventative measure against the early causes of Spark Extinguishing System BS 7. Detection and elimination of sparks and hot particles. A GreCon spark detection and extinguishment system is suitable for almost any position of the production process to ensure fire protection or monitoring functions by means of special sensors.

IR detectors monitor conveyors and can if necessary FagusGreCon Greten GmbH& Co. KG P. O. Box 1243 D AlfeldHanover Phone 49(0) The idea of a spark detection and extinguishment system was born. Today, our spark detectors monitor indus Why GreCon The GreCon spark extinguishing system was introduced as a world first for preventive fire protection GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems are installed in these and other high risk locations. Protecting anywhere sparks are generated to effectively eliminate the risk of conveying hazardous air flow to the filter media or storage silos on pneumatic conveying and exhaust systems.

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