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WD Arkeia backup appliances are fast, easytouse and affordable solutions for data backup and disaster recovery. The awardwinning WD Arkeia solutions safeguard more than 100, 000 networks for 7, 000 customers in 70 countries. About WD WD, a Western Digital company, is a longtime innovator and storage industry leader. As a storage technology WD has admitted it is killing off its Arkeia backup software product: it is no longer selling it to new customers and stopping development.

Privatelyowned Arkeia was bought by Western Digital in Mar 14, 2014 Just wondering if anyone out there has gotten into the driver's seat of one of the relatively new line of Western Digital Arkeia backup appliances. Arkeia delivers data backup and recovery solutions to protect more than 100, 000 networks in 70 countries. The Arkeia Network Backup Suite is designed for midsized organizations that require fast Water sports equipment For this quick start, we will use one library drive, in manual mode.

Arkeia Network Backup Quick Start Guide 31 Install a drive The best starting point for a successful installation is the autodetection function, referred to in Arkeia autodetection on page 31. The information supplied by the auto detection function Click on the Backup icon in Arkeias main menu: Arkeia Quickstart Manual 39 Then, click on the Savepack icon in the Backup menu: The Savepacks management screen should then be displayed within the main window of Arkeia version 5: If there are no Savepacks defined in Arkeia (as is the case in the screen pictured Arkeia Network Backup (ANB), a suite of backupandrestore solutions from Arkeia Software, offers no shortage of options, supporting all mainstream backup choices or combination of backup choices, whether they be agents, hardware appliances or virtual appliances.

The WD Arkeia virtual appliance is a turnkey solution to protect VMware environments. This appliance embeds the WD Arkeia network backup server, the Web User Interface as well as WD Arkeia 34 Tape cartridges When a backup is created, one logical tape cartridge is defined by Arkeia Server Backup. In the manual system, we had to: 1.

find an available cartridge; 2. label it; and 3. put it in the tape drive for the backup to proceed. Now, steps 2 and 3 are done for us by the tape library. When we create a backup, a logical tape is

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