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The 25pounder field gun is one of Britains most iconic artillery weapons, used effectively throughout WW2. During its 30 years of service the 25 Pdr. supported British and Commonwealth forces in combat zones all around the world. All walkarounds (5 in total) Newsfeed. The newsfeed doesn't contain any items. More about Ordnance QF 25 pounder.

The Ordnance QF 25 pounderpage contains all products, articles, books, walkarounds, projects and discussions related to this topic. The Ordnance QF 25pounder, or more simply 25pounder or 25pdr, was the major British field gun and howitzer during the Second World War, possessing a 3. 45inch (87. 6 mm) calibre. It was introduced into service just before the war started, combining highangle and directfire, relatively high rates of fire, and a reasonably lethal shell in a highly mobile piece.

The Ordnance QF 25pounder Short was an Australian variant of the British Ordnance QF 25pounder field gunhowitzer. The gun was developed by modifying the 25pounder's design to improve its mobility during jungle warfare.

The Ordnance QF 25pounder was the standard artillery piece used by British Commonwealth forces during World War II. Designed to be an improvement over the World War Iera 18pounder, the 25pounder saw service in all theaters and was a favorite with gun crews. WDA01 Eighteen Pounder QF Field Gun Mk1 The Ordnance Quick Firing (QF) 18 pounder was known as the 18 Pounder Gun and was the standard field gun of the British Army throughout World War I.

Morris Quad Tractor with 25 PDR. gun. The 25pounder was the iconic field gun of the Commonwealth forces. It was also used in a variety of selfpropelled applications.

It was adaptable, it packed a powerful punch, and above all it was reliable. an equally small decal sheet and a 10 page instruction manual, with 6 build steps for the Pounder Field Gun MKII Gun fitted on a MKI Carriage which was the standard NZ Field Gun in WWII Fire from the 25 pounder (caliber 3. 45 inch) field gun, the basic field piece of the British and New Zealand Armies in WWII, was The Bishop (or the 25pounder Mk I on Carrier, Valantine, 25pdr, Mk I to give its proper military title) was designed 25 pdr field gun manual pdf fulfil a requirement for the 25pdr gun to be able to keep pace with the war of manoeuvre in the Western Desert.

25pdr field guns and 'Quad' artillery tractors parade past Winston Churchill during his visit to Tripoli to thank the 8th Army. 25pdr field guns and 'Quad' artillery tractors A 25pdr field gun of 11th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, in action during the First Battle of El Alamein, July 1942.

Sep 02, 2013  Weapons Manuals 25 pounder field gun QF. Thread starter Resurgam; Start date Sep 1, 2013; Resurgam War Hero. Sep 1, 2013# 1. Gun Drill Manual QF 25PR PDF Is quite good. Haven't had an accident in years. See a lot in my rear view mirror though. It's By 1939, the Field Regiments of the Royal Artillery were the ones slated to receive the 25pdr Mk I and were formed into two 12gun batteries, each of three 4gun troops. With three field regiments to a division, a division could theoretically have seventytwo 25pdr guns.

Written by David Boyd Thursday, 01 January 2009 14: 22 The 25 Pounder Field Gun In May 1934 the General Staff issued a specification for a gunhowitzer to

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