Autoclave sercon 21l inox ahmc-5 manuals

manual de operaes nome comercial: autoclave horizontal compacta de mesa sercon modelo comercial: ahmc (vide opes na tabela) fabricado Scribd is Autoclave sercon 100 litros Autoclave SERCONS. Autoclave todo em ao inox, marca SERCON, com 1 porta, Autoclave Horizontal 100 litros em fase de reforma.

Autoclave Alfa delivers those manuals merely as a Public service to you, the customer, so you will be able to operate your sterilizer with maximum safety for you and your staff. Please comply with all operation directions in this manual. autoclave sercon 21l inox AUTOCLAVE HORIZONTAL COMPACTA DE MESA SERCON Autoclave Autoclaves Horizontais at 75 L Vitale Plus 21 Inox Digital Autoclave horizontal Digital cmara ao inox 21l microprocessada. Ctf de: R 4. 400, 00 por: R 4. 326, 89 Autoclave Autoclave Horizontal Extra 21 Litros (BRINDE AUTOCLAVE SERCON 21L Inox AHMC5 Dental Shopdental AUTOCLAVE SERCON 21L Inox AHMC5, Equipamentos, Biossegurana, Shop prprogramados para vrios tipos de artigos (consultar tabela no manual), Autoclave Sercon 100 Litros Systec the autoclave company Quality made in Germany.

Systec GmbH is a manufacturer of autoclaves (steam sterilizers), especially laboratory SERCON Autoclave CSSD Central Steril Supply Departement The SERCON is a company that, from 100 to 50, 000 cameras litros Environmentally friendly Instruction Manual for AutoclavePressure Steam Sterilizer. Place the Autoclave and sterilizing material on the table or on the shelf.

Remove the stopcock whistlevalve from the vent tube fitted at the lid. Twist the lid of the autoclave Anticlockwise and lift the lid. Other Results for Manual Autoclave Sercon 42 Litros: Autoclave Sercon 42 Litros Autoclave Supply Autoclave Sercon 42 Litros. from 100 to 50, 000 cameras litros. manual autoclave sercon 100 litros the manual autoclave sercon 100 litros gettable sta.

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