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Procurement is defined by the Treasury Board (TB) as the function of obtaining goods and services and carrying out construction and leasing through contractual arrangements. (FAA), the TBS Contracting Policy, and the Agencys Comptrollership Manual provide the legal framework and guidance for the administration of CBSAs contracting and Government finances.

Get information on how the government manages its finances through the federal budget, planned government spending, and reports on expenses. This Core Policy and Procedures Manual chapter clarifies government's general and financial management framework founded on Part 2 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA). The accountabilities of Treasury Board, the Minister of Finance, deputy ministers, executive financial officers, the Comptroller General and central agencies are stated, along with supporting policy.

This letter clarifies and amends the Policy on Payables at YearEnd (PAYE), Chapter 55, Treasury Board Manual, Comptrollership Volume. Please ensure that this information is communicated to the sections of your organisation which are involved with year end processing.

The Office of the Auditor According to the Treasury Boards Report on Plan and Priorities, the participating departments and agencies were expected to complete the reform of their comptrollership practices and policies and begin the implementation by April 2004.

A National Acquisition Card Coordinator (NACC) within the Strategic Procurement and Materiel Management Division of Comptrollership Branch has been identified as the primary authority to ensure compliance with the Treasury Board Footnote 2 and the CBSA Acquisition Card policies. Treasury Board Secretariat work with climate change partner departments to the comptrollership function, redeveloping the Agency Accountability and Alliance review its current policy manual to ensure that it is complete and current.

The office becomes part of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (the Comptrollership Branch); and Responsibilities expand to include financial management, internal audit, financial information strategy, project management and procurement, real property and materiel management, risk management, resultsbased management and evaluation Treasury Board ministers decided in December 1997 to implement the recommendations made by the Independent Review Panel on Modernization of Comptrollership in the Government of Canada.

In the Report, the Panel sets out guiding principles for more effective stewardship of Assessing modern comptrollership management practices in departments and agencies Optimum, The Journal of Public Sector Management Vol. 30, Nos. 3487 The Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada (TBS) has the lead role in the implementation of the represented by the President of the Treasury Board, 2012. ISBN BT EPDF. This document is available on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Report on the State of Comptrollership in the Government of Canada.

1 Message From the Comptroller General of Canada. 3 Overview of the State of Comptrollership in the Treasury Board Secretariat. as set out in the General Manual of Administration, which addresses the management of programs in terms of delegation of authority, consistency of practice, and responsible expenditure control. Coordination of Special Operating Agencies.

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