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Corporate Identity Guide LOGO SIZES No maximum size is established; the distribution must respect the exclusion zone. For sizes smaller than 40mm wide, use version without text. Minimum size. The brand must not be reproduced in sizes smaller than 20mm wide. Exclusion zone. Corporation Identity Manual 7 03 why thIs Manual Corporate identity depends on the consistency with which its brand, including its logo, is presented to its target audience and the general public in all its reports, advertising, promotional material, letterheads, business cards and correspondence.

Corporate Identity Manual& Guidelines Area of isolation Cover Table of contents Logo statement (should open browser window in PDF) Corporate Identity Manual& Guidelines Typography Cover Table of contents Logo statement Area of isolation Business card specs Additional items of your choice: at least two required 15 Business Card 16 Email Signature 17 PowerPoint Template 18 Facility Signage 19 Site Offices 20 Scaffolding Signage 21 Safety Signage 22 Site Signage This section of the manual details how the corporate identity guidelines are put into practice through the main visual elements of the company.

It is designed to help us our corporate identity (CI). This manual provides a comprehensive guide for the correct use of our CI. We are an operating division of Waco International, a highly respected global commercial and industrial service business. As with the corporate colours, the fonts are an integral part of our visual identity. The following fonts are to be used in all official documents or communications. of this manual is to ensure consistent use of the Harsco Corporation identity.

Managing the Harsco Corporation corporate identity depends on careful attention to the guidelines provided in this manual. Corporate Brand Identity Manual WFS IdentIty GuIdelIneS: Logo SIze and ratIo oF the loGo The files provided to you by Blue Clover have been designed with the best balance of logo to typography in mind.

Corporate Identity Manual Basics Elements Brand architecture de nes and re ects the way in which a company or organization structures its brands, products and services. At SENER, we have decided to develop the brand organization in a uniform way (consistent, solid, compact). This book is an overview of our identity guidelines, illustrating how to apply the visual components of our brand, once your request has been received and approved from Shift4 Corporation.

This corporate identity manual provides examples of how to execute the stationary using the Nashua look and feel. Franchisefranchisee information to be included only on stationary (business cards, letterheads, emails etc) as The corporate color palette applicable for all brand standards are: KPIT blue, KPIT green with white and black. The KPIT Green known as the identity bar is a mandatory element

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