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Sep 06, 2018 Fur Handling. NAFA GRADING DISCRIPTIONS. American Trap Talk. Rules Site Tips Help Getting Registered. Trapping Talk. Fur Handling. NAFA GRADING DISCRIPTIONS GRADING DISCRIPTIONS 5xl Quintuple Extra Large 4xl Quadruple Extra Large 3xl Triple Extra Large XXL Double Extra Large XL Extra Large introduction to pelt handling This pelt handling manual is a guide put together by the Wild Fur Shippers Council [WFSC and North American Fur Auctions [NAFA as a joint effort to help improve the quality of fur handling.

Dec 28, 2007 You are not logged in. Home Forums Archive Fur Handling Archive NAFAFH board sizes? Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics FAQ Topic Options Credit: NAFA North American Fur Auctions. 2013. www. nafa. ca This entry was posted in Instruction Manuals and tagged fleming traps, flemingtraps. com, fur auction dates, fur handing, fur handling guide, fur handling manual, nafa fur auction, north american fur auctions, pelt handling Nafa Pelt Handling Manual F& T Fur Harvester's Trading Post Fur Handling Videos F& T Fur Harvester's Trading Post Bushey Road Alpena, MI Kyle Kaatz& Brian Handling fur Ok guys like I posted before ol timer is helping me, showing me the ropes Do a Louisiana Fur Advisory Council.

Council Fur and Pelt Handling Manuals. Fur Harvesters Pelt Handling for Profit. NAFA Wild Fur Pelt Handling Manual. Contact Us. Alligator Advisory Council Website.

LouisianaFurs. Interested in Trapping Workshops? Subscribe Today! Indicates required field. Pelt Handling Information. PELT SIZES FUR HANDLING& MARKETING Proper fur handling and orderly marketing mean dollars in trappers' pockets. Specific pelting procedures for each furbearer are covered in the sections pertaining to those furbearers, but there are important points that are common to all furbearers.

Pelt Handling Manual OSHA Safety Manuals Animal Handling Safety. If injured by an animal or potentially exposed to a diseased animal, workers should immediately report to their supervisor and seek the appropriate medical attention and followup.

2 reDucinG Pelt DamaGe causeD bY the traPPer anD hunter IntroductIon Since the implementation of trapper education programs, the quality of pelt handling has greatly improved.

Aug 08, 2011 Fur Handling Forum. NAFA fur handling book talks about singe and boards but nothing about how THEY want them put up. Details like opening cuts, fleshing, put up, and boarding are detailed for coons, mink, etc.

Cutting the window too far into the flank on otter is a nonore read the fur handling manual. Its a common mistake for amateur Pelt Handling for Profit has been created as a quick and easy reference for those trappers who want to maximize by reading this manual, even the most experienced fur handler can pick up a hint or two to help them realize the maximum price for their furs.

3 General Fur Handling Tips The NAFA website also offers multilingual service, accessible via a dropdown menu on the top right of each page, and is frequently updated with a wide variety of articles, news and publications concerning the fur NAFA Pelt handling Manual click here!

For individual manuals on grading animals, check out the page on www. nafa. ca where you can view or download themclick here!

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