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This is the Factory Five 818 kit car. Factory Five is known for their Cobra and Type 65 Coupe kit cars. They also build a supercaresq kit called the GTM, which is an awesome performer for the price of Jul 29, 2013 We talk with Wayne Presley while giving our 818 kit a first look. Wayne also shows us his 818 project that he is working on. Watch an 818 Build on YouTube with Grassroots Motorsports!

Posted on August 8, 2013 by Dave Lindsey in What's New. The crew from Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is building an 818 from disassembling the donor Subaru to building the completed car! Apr 25, 2017  The Factory Five 818 is a midengined, reardrive kit car with a unique chassis and floorplan, and a 400horsepower, 2. 5L powertrain from a 2006 Subaru WRX.

Manual 818 Kit Assembly manual revision 1J update even with the front side of the tube and the rear mounting hole near the center of the car should be aligned with the center mark made. The top of the rear mounting hole tabs should be aligned with the angled edge of the windshield. Good reference before and during the build of an 818 Written by Kim Rasmussen (818R build in progress) on 16th Sep 2014 Having access to an electronic copy while working on the car is so much easier than the supplied paper copy.

The 818 Engineering Team (from L to R Frank K.Jim S.Dan M.and Colby W. ) began building our 818S this morning. This is the first production chassis fro m production tooling and the completed car will be presented at the June 15th Factory Five Open House!

The team is writingeditingQCing the 818 assembly manual before customers receive their kits. Sep 30, 2015 818 Build Manual Updates The full manual that I downloaded was version# 1F, and the update that I received Monday was# 1H which leads me to think that I am missing update# 1G. Can anyone confirm if such an update exists?

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