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1. Authorized Navy Awards. Those awards described in the Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual (SECNAVINST 1650. 1 Series) are authorized for wear by" U.

S. Naval" personnel. Wear them on designated uniforms in the following manner. 2. Awards From Other Services. Naval personnel who have received awards from other military Aug 09, 2006 It also is noteworthy that the Navy Good Conduct Medal is the earliest of any of the services' good conduct medals. The Marine Corps first issued their Good Conduct Medal in 1896, the Coast Guard in 1923 and the Army in 1941. Order, refer to the current Manuals or Directives listed below: a. DoD 1348.

33M (Department of Defense Manual of Military Decorations& c. SECNAVINST 1650. 1 (Navy and Marine Corps Awards The medal is awarded to enlisted personnel of the United States Navy and Naval Reserve (active duty) for creditable, above average professional performance, military behavior, leadership, military appearance and adaptability based on good conduct and faithful service for threeyear periods of continuous active service.

Navy Good Conduct Award Instruction This instruction applies to all activities with assigned IDC in pay grades E5 through advocate and sponsor overseeing the conduct of the IDCOY Award program per Good Conduct Medal (4 There are many Navy and Marine Corps awards and decorations, including the Combat Action Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

The Good Conduct Medal is one of the oldest military awards of the United States Armed Forces. The U. S. Navy's variant of the Good Conduct Medal was established in 1869, the Marine Corps version in 1896, the Coast Guard version in 1923, the Army version in 1941, and the Air Force version in 1963; the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was G. O. 100, Navy a good conduct medal or bar, the presentation of his discharge certificate and medal and shall be executed in the SECNAVINST 1650.

1H AUG 2 2 2005 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. General Information Section 1. GENERAL. 110. Purpose of the Navy and Marine Corps Awards The Navy Good Conduct Medal (NGCM) is a decoration presented by the United States Navy to recognize members who have completed three years of honorable service.

Medals awarded before January 1, 1996 required four years of service. eligibility for the Good Conduct Medal begins on 1 July 1993. Provided the member meets all other eligibility criteria for issuance of the award, this individual will receive the first Good Conduct Medal on 30 June 1997. You can determine the 4 years of good conduct by subtracting 93 July 01 ( ) from 97 June 30 ( ). honorable discharge from the united states navy reserve: navpers: agreement to extend enlistment: conduct record: navpers: monthly report of prisonercorrectional custody personnel: navpers: department of the navy good conduct award: navpers: certificate of reenlistment usnr: navpers:

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