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Club Timer III Manual; MKIV XP Manual; Model 1 XP Manual; Pro XP Chronograph Manual; Legacy Products Manuals. The purpose built display on the PACT Club Timer III tells you everything you need to know about your shot string at a glance. Shot Number and Total Time are highlighted with FIRST SHOT and last SPLIT displayed How to use your Club Timer This manual consists of three parts. This first part has been written for those who prefer to read. The second part is Shot Timers; CLUB TIMER III; Open Expanded View.

Open Expanded View Click Image to Zoom Includes complete instructions. PACT CLUB TIMER III. Made in the U. S. A. 100 Satisfaction. Lifetime Returns. WB Pact Club Timer Club Timer III Manual; MKIV XP Manual; Model 1 XP Manual; Pro XP Chronograph Manual; Legacy Products Manuals.

without a PACT shooting timer you have no idea how Pact shot timer manual a given shot is taking you. No idea of whether or not a given technique is helping or hurting you. Over the years PACTs timers helped teach us what works PACT Club Shot Timer 3 The Pact Club Timer 3 is uniquely designed and shaped to fit the hand so that the buzzer and microphone are unobstructed, and the ergonomic buttons are recessed to prevent accidental activation. People have complained about the instructions but I found them good.

Ran it hard on the range and it even rained PACT products are designed to improve your shooting. Whether you are a hobby shooter, competitive shooter, military, or law enforcement, there is room for improvement.

Our products give you the tools to achieve quantifiable improvement, or we new timer we just couldn't bring ourselves to junk it up with a lot of lines, arrow and words, " read instruction manual before firing" Once you get the hang of it's operation, you'll find the CT is a snap to use and, we hope, will be glad we kept it's surface clean Oct 23, 2011 PACT Club Shot Timer III description and review.

Excellent product. Jun 01, 2012 Kyle Defoor talks about Strong Hand, Shot Timers, and Acceptable Hits. Trigger Time TV. Duration: 5: 18. Trigger Time TV 13, 301 views Jun 08, 2011  Does anyone have a copy of the PACT Club Timer III instructions handy so they could tell me which direction you need to turn the screw in the battery compartment to turn down the sensitivity of the timer?

Also, if anyone has a copy of the instructions and access to a scanner, could you do the world the favor that PACT

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