Enerpac turbo 2 parts manual

Repair Parts Sheet Turbo Air Pumps INSTALL ALL KIT COMPONENTS TO INSURE OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE OF THE REPAIRED PUMP. L2118 Rev. C 0499 Manufacturing Date Code beginning with the letter" B". CONTENTS Instruction Manuals and Repair Parts Sheets.

Instruction Manuals and Repair Parts Sheets 2. Unscrew hose clamp with screwdriver while being held in press. 3. Slowly release the press to remove the spring force on the air motor. 4. Remove all components from press. Photo 3 2. 8 Disassemble Air Motor Assemble Refer to Repair Parts Sheet L2533, Figure 7 1. Remove four Screws, (item 41) from air motor cap. 2. The Enerpac PAMG1402N Turbo II twospeed hydraulic air pump is for lifting, bolting, or applying pressure with a hydraulic cylinder (sold separately) in plant maintenance, fabrication, production, bolting, vehicle repair, and other applications where compressed air is the preferred power source.

Hydraulic Pumps and Power Units Enerpac hydraulic pumps are available in over 1, 000 different configurations. DC 2 Decal, Enerpac Turbo II Wht 120 DA 1 Mtg. Bracket 121 DA 4 Hi Lo Screw 104 105 94 54 Torque to 1719 lbin [2 Nm Tighten using sequence shown on" Gasket Orientation Detail". A A C C B The gasket is to be oriented with this opening in the same Repair Parts Sheets for this product are available from the Enerpac web site at www.

enerpac. com, or from your nearest Authorized Enerpac Service Center or Enerpac Sales office. The 10, 000 psi TURBO II Air Pumps have an operating pressure of 10, 000 psi at 85 psi inlet pressure. They are suited for plant maintenance, fabrication, Exploded view diagrams and part listings for the Turbo 2 pump.

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