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FUSION SPLICERS S178 ver. 2 Fusion Splicers HandHeld CoreAlignment Fusion Splicer RoHS IP52 5 Axis Compatible with SpliceonConnectors FITEL Splicer SOC partners CONNECTORS. S178 ver. 2 Fusion Splicers Product Specifications User Manual FTS 347 1 Fitel Fusion splicers S122 SERIES HandHeld Fusion Splicer Splicing The Fiber Optic Marketplace, LLCTM Equipment S177A HandHeld CoreAlignment Fusion Splicer SPECIFICATIONS pArAMeter VAlue Model S177A HandHeld CoreAlignment Fusion Splicer Splicing Method CoreAlignment The S178A HandHeld CoreAlignment Fusion Splicer has been enhanced and updated to version 2.

The battery is automatically The S178A is fast and durable, it continues the FITEL tradition of quality and excellence by deliver User Manual FTSB405 1 Fitel Fusion Splicers Fitel Distributor FiberOptic Resale New and Refurbished Fusion Splicer Sales& Service FUSION SPLICER.

Please review this manual carefully before operating. Refer to the Users Manual for instructions on handling and operating The procedure can result in serious injury or loss of life if not carried out in proper Electrodes (Fitel S177a, S182a, S176 Fusion Splicer) New Replacement Fusion Splicer Electrodes.

49. 00. Buy It Now. Electrodes manufactured by one of the leading electrode manufacturers. We are an Authorized Repair Depot for the INNO View Series Fusion Splicers. New Fusion Splicer Compatible Electrodes.

Furukawa Fitel S178A is the latest addition to the S17x series of fusion splicers, which can work with any type of fiberoptic communication lines. Equipped with a new alignment system that can save up to 20 splicing time, the Furukawa Fitel S178A fusion splicer's improved heating mechanism can also reduce protection sleeve shrink time FITEL FUSION SPLICERS S122 SERIES Handheld Fusion Splicer With its super low profile and new user friendly interface, the Fitel S122 Disk, Manual S122AKIT1 S122A Fusion Splicer Kit 7, 0.

00 Kit includes: S122A Splice Body, Soft Carrying Case, Strap, Fiber Stripper, OneAction Furukawa Electric FITELOptical Communications Products.

Rugged and compact handheld design to endure any kind of environmental conditions Fitel S958B Battery Charger, Suits Dual Battery Auto off Charging of S943S943B Liion Fitel Batteries, for Fitel S121, S122, S123, S153, S177& S178 Series Fusion Splicers. The FITEL S177A is easy to operate with its improved graphical user interface (GUI) and includes a transflective LCD screen for a clear view of splicing operations in all conditions, from complete darkness to bright sunlight.

FTSB2711. S177A FUSION SPLICER Users Manual Please read entire manual prior to usage. This manual must be kept with the S177A Fusion Splicer. Fusion Splicer Fitel S177B Fusion Splicer. Portable Scanner: Fusion Splicer& Accessories: Fusion Splicer: Manual Linear Stages: Opticseq: Optical Fiber Identifier: Faster Splicing The S177A has a lightening fast splice time of 9 seconds. Power up your production with the S177A! The new handheld FITEL S177A Fusion Splicer incorpo rates an improved heating design that cuts splicetoheat time by 40 percent, achieving a 9second splice time and Fusion Splicers FITEL's line of fusion splicers provides an excellent solution for both field and factory splicing applications.

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