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For additional information see the Informix ESQLCOBOL Programmer's Manual. Regards Helmut Leininger. Bull AG Vienna Open Systems Support. This opinion is mine and not necessarily that of my employer. No guarantees whatsoever. Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08: 00: 00 GMT: Page 1 of 1 [ 2 post Chapter 3: Data Types. SQL data types differ from those used in COBOL. For more information on passing dates to Informix, refer to the INFORMIXESQLCOBOL Programmer's Manual.

Binary Data Types OpenESQL. SQL BINARY, VARBINARY and IMAGE data are represented in COBOL as PIC X (n) fields. No data conversion is performed. IBM Informix Version 3. 70 IBM Informix ESQLC Programmers Manual SC Chapter 27: Interface to Informix DBMS. You can build an Informix RTS with the makerun command which is described in the Informix ESQLCOBOL Programmer's Manual: makerun newrun.

To animate a program enter: newrun animate myprog 27. 2 Linking Informix Programs. Informix ESQLCOBOL Embedded SQL for COBOL Programmer's Manual, Version 7. 2 (G ) Manual: Abstract. This manual describes the features that make up the Informix implementation of embedded SQL for COBOL.

Click below to view this publication IBM Informix IBM Informix ESQLC Programmers Manual Version 3. 50 SC The topics explain how to use IBM Informix ESQLC, the Informix implementation of Embedded Structured Query Language (SQL) for C (ESQLC), to create client applications with databasemanagement capabilities.

These topics serve as complete guide to the features of Informix ESQLC that enable you to interact with the database server, access databases, manipulate the data in your IBM Informix ESQLC Programmers Manual.

Contents. Introduction. About this publication. Types of users. Software dependencies. Assumptions About Your Locale. Programming with IBM Informix ESQLC. What Is IBM Informix ESQLC? ESQLC Components. Creating an ESQLC Program. Embedding SQL Statements. Informix produces SQL APIs for the following programming languages: C; COBOL. All SQL API products work in a similar way, as Figure 51 shows. You write a source program in which you treat SQL statements as executable code.

For more information on multithreaded applications, see the INFORMIXESQLC Programmer's Manual. Static Embedding This document describes the operating system requirements for IBM Informix ESQLCOBOL In This Chapter Informix products use the Informix general libraries for interactions between the client SQL application programming interface products (INFORMIXESQLC and INFORMIXESQLCOBOL) and the database server.

You can choose between the following types of Informix general libraries to link with your ESQLC application: Informix ESQLCOBOL. According to our registry, Informix ESQLCOBOL is capable of opening the files listed below. Its possible that Informix ESQLCOBOL can convert between the listed formats as well, the applications manual can provide information about it.

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