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The Brivis Touch TM is the latest innovation in climate control, allowing you to create total home comfort with pure simplicity. The ability to control your Brivis Ducted Gas Heater, Evaporative Cooler and Dual Comfort system is at your fingertips with the sleek Brivis Touch TM, highresolution colour touchscreen controller.

It's that simple. Brivis Advance The Brivis Advance was introduced in 2005 and is designed to take the place of the AD range of units up to Model AD56. However, the AD76 Brivis evaporative manual meat AD86 will remain in production. In essence the Advance is a square shaped ContourProfile, which sits upon the same base frame as the ContourProfiler. How does your evaporative cooling work? Before operating your Brivis Evaporative Cooler The air smells a little different.

Why?. 2 air, cigarette smoke and fumes can be quickly cleared and replaced with fresh air by turning the fan to manual mode. Before operating your Brivis Evaporative Cooler Brivis heaters should not be installed downstream from an air washer, an evaporative cooler or refrigerative cooling system.

Nor are they designed to be installed on a marine craft, houseboat, or any similar environment. Brivis has been helping people choose climate systems for their homes for over 50 years. The Brivis reputation for innovation, efficiency, quality and reliability has made it one of the top selling Ducted Gas Heating systems in Australia.

Its official YouTube channel, Brivis Climate Systems (" Brivis" ) specialises in the design and manufacture of climate systems. Nov 24, 2014 Brivis, one of the leading brands of evaporative coolers and heating systems. Service It Australia provides brivis evaporative cooler repairing service and installation in Melbourne.

Brivis Ducted Heating Brivis is dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient products and has been serving people with climate systems for over 50 years. Australian owned, Australian made; which means they understand how Australian climate verves. Below are the latest Brivis Installation Manuals for installation of a Heating Unit, Zone Plus, Evaporative Cooler or Add On Cooling. Brivis Ducted Reverse Wired Programmable Controller OWNERS MANUAL Cycle Inverter PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING& USING THIS PRODUCT BRIVIS CALL CENTRE WALL CONTROL MANUAL 601 ISSUE 1 12 PROGRAMMABLE WALL CONTROL T8602C1186 Suitable for HE 5& 7, EMS 1& 2, and classic units.

Refrige is also operated via this controller. The Programmable Controller can operate in either Auto or Manual modes. In Brivis has identified a potential defect in the supply fan motor starting device of some of its evaporative cooler units. The starting device in these units may fail and, in rare cases, property damage andor personal injury could result.

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