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Metronic Shop UI description. Jennings Carbon Extreme XLR 120 with extras ProLine Emperor II, HBII 40 Take them both for 150 A Jennings Micro Carbon Extreme Compound Bow with counter balance, PSC sights, and quiver in camo paint.

Weight of pull: unknown. Draw Length: unknown. bow partsmodulesgrips Home BOW PARTSMODULESGRIPS Bow parts listed in the following order Accessory Packages, String Suppressors& Bumpers, Modules, Cams& bow parts, Cable Guards& Cable Slides, Bow parts which may suit other bow brands.

Jul 15, 2013 What is a Jennings carbon extreme compound Bow worth? Im looking at buying my first bow. Local pawn shop has a Jennings Carbon Extreme 50 65 pound. I think it is from the early 90s, and is starting to lose its paint a little bit. It seems to shoot fine. They have it valued at AUD175. Learning 5 facts about Jennings compound bow is a must for the archery enthusiast.

The first compound bow was invented by Holless Wilbur Allen, a hunter from Missouri, in 1966. Tom Jennings of the Jennings Archery Company worked with Allen to improve the bow's design.

A compound bow has stiffer limbs than other bow designs, [ Bows Click Photos to Zoom: American Archery (1991)" Challenger 3D"" Eliminator 3D and" Dream" Bear Jennings Archery 1991 T. J. Carbon Express (by Tom Jennings) Jennings carbon extreme string lenght? ? Equipment. Contributors to this thread: sergel 28Feb13. mark land 01Mar13. From: sergel.

28Feb13. Is 58 and a half inch the proper string lenght for a Jennings carbon extreme bow? ? Gently used and very well maintained classic Jennings Carbon Extreme bow ( 30 inch, 65 lbs) Has not been used in few years.

This bow can still keep with the newer, more expensive bows out there withou Oct 27, 2010 Me shooting my Jennings Bow at 30 yrds trying to hit an apple. The woven twill fabric in the limbs gives Jennings carbon a three dimension matrix of strength. The new Rock Stop Module on the Jennings perimeter weighted cam assures a rock solid wall at full draw.

Jul 18, 2013  1990 Jennings Carbon Xtreme XLR I have here my original Bow 1990 Jennings Carbon Extreme XLR 42 12" Axle to Axle 30" Draw ( I think adjustable to 30" 32" in 1" increment's 65Lb Draw weight Viper 4pin sight (bought of forum member ) threaded for magnification scope How Jennings carbon extreme manual woodworkers Adjust the Draw Length on a Jennings Compound Bow speed and accuracy to the bow that had not been possible before.

Since then, Jennings compound bows have been a popular choice for many archery enthusiasts and hunters. Of course, accuracy is the name of the archery game, and Jennings has been a consistent deliverer of that accuracy Model 1250 Reference Manual Other Info US Jennings Carbon Extreme XLR Bear Polar II Compound Bow Instruction Manual.

Would you have the specs for a Jennings Carbon Extreme XLRS Wayne Person edition Understanding your bow and its component parts will add to your archery. .

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