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All user reviews for the Ridge Farm The Gas Cooker Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Valve Mic Preamp The Ridge Farm Industries" Gas Cooker" is a high performance allvalve, twin channel Microphone Amplifier and DI box.

It excels in direct injection of high impedance instruments such as electric guitar, bass, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer. Sep 22, 2001 The Gas Cooker is a great bass DI I've never tried Ridge farm gas cooker manual on a mic. FWIW I've used it at Ridge Farm ( English studio) itself on a number of occasions and none of those guys ever suggested any other use for it.

Downloads& Manuals Take the headache out of headphone monitoring with the perfect compact headphone amp. With the ability to personalize mixes, control individual volume and tone, and plug in eight sets of phones at once, the Cque8 is the single solution to multiple monitoring issues. User review from mooseherman about Ridge Farm The Gas Cooker: Tube PreampDI box that colors, but enhances tone Jun 01, 2014 Have anyone actually heard the Ridge Farm Boiler (compressor) or Gas Cooker (preamp)?

Im curious about those Thanks Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Stereo Tube Mic Pre 90's BlueGrey. By Ridge Farm; Consoles The Gas Cooker will subtly enhance any signal when connected to the console's insert points. The best results are usually achieved by setting the Cooker to unity gain. Ridge Farm Model: Gas Cooker Stereo Tube Mic Pre Finish: Blue There are two products: a direct box called the Gas Cooker [Tape Op# 54; and this compressor, the Boiler.

The description on the Ridge Farm website intrigued me: " It will provide extremes of compression, creating a characteristic sound with massive presence and pumping, and may also be used to add a variable degree of 'dirt' and presence to The Gas Cooker is a dualchannel, allvalve mic preamp and DI from Ridge Farm Industries in England (formerly of Ridge Farm Studios, the rather famous and beautiful countryside residential studio, now closed).

Oct 28, 2009  A Designs REDDI v. Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG' started by TheDialog, Sep 25, 2009. Page 1 of 3 I am hearing great things about the REDDI and love what it is modeled after. I can not find a Gas Cooker anywhere, but was wondering what people who had experience with it GAS COOKER INSTRUCTION MANUAL Model num ber: RHGC1 Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for future reference For Customer Services, Spare Parts& Warranty Information Sep 13, 2012 This review is of the Ridge Farm Studios Gas Cooker Microphone Pre Direct Box.

It is a high end mic pre and DI for any instrument and voice. I was lucky to Sep 06, 2014 Home The Forums So much gear, so little time Ridge farm Gas cooker Login Join.

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Call us on 0151 236 7800 0151 236 7800. Menu Search. Account. 0 ITEMS 0. 00. You have no items in your shopping cart. SHOP BY CATEGORY. Sale Acoustics& Furniture Amplifiers Ridge Farm Boiler Compressor. Ridge Farm was one of the very best residential studios in the UK up until it's untimely demise a year or two ago. As is so often the case, the property was worth far more for holiday lets than as a recording studio.

(Unless of course you already own a Ridge Farm Industries Gas Cooker mic pre valve preamp

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