Infinity 4000 pool cover manual

The Infinity 4000 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is designed for both New Construction and for Existing Pools, and comes in both Automatic Safety Pool Cover sand Hydraulic! ! The Infinity 4000 Electric has been called the best automatic swimming pool cover on the market today by customers, installers and service technicians. The Infinity 4000 Automatic Pool Cover System Employs the Highest Grade Components: Each component of the Infinity 4000 Automatic Pool Cover System is created with premium Stainless Steel and Aluminum, which are hard coat anodized and powder coated to INFINITY 4000 ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM CAUSE TEST PROCEDURE Motor will not run 1.

No power to motor# 1 Check circuit breaker and GFI. If GFI is tripped, reset. If it wont reset, open motor canister lid and check for moisture. ing the cover again.

3. Damaged Touch Pad or key switch To test, bypass the key For example, Pool Cover Specialists uses (if you used a 1 to 5 scale for aluminum with 1 being standard aluminum and 5 being aircraft grade) grade 4 aluminum in our tubes, end castings, and rope reels, and Pool Cover Specialists uses stainless steel throughout the mechanism.

The Manual cover system is a good way for smaller pools to still get the safety, savings and convenience of an automatic pool cover without the cost.

Because it is also manufactured by Pool Cover Specialists, you can always upgrade the the Infinity 4000 automatic Cover. Choose an Infinity 4000 hydraulic pool cover system for covering your swimming pool. Reduce the time and cost of covering your pool with the latest pool system. Pool Covers, Inc. offers a wide range of Infinity 4000 Electric pool cover systems in the United States. Consider an Infinity 4000 Electric system to cover your pool.

PCS, the Worlds Largest Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Manufacturer Known as the industry innovators, Pool Cover Specialists has defined stateoftheart technology in the swimming pool cover industry for over 20 years. 4 Since the INFINITY 4000was designed as a floating cover, failure to maintain the recommended water level in your pool could adversely affect the operation of your cover and Manual Trak The ManualTRAK System is for Small to MidSize Pools and Swim Spas.

The ManualTRAK is the perfect affordable solution for small to midsize pools and swim spas where a larger more robust system like our Infinity 4000 and MiniInfinity are not practical, but you still want and need all the benefits of an ASTM certified swimming pool Safety Cover.

INFINITY 4000 AUTOMATIC SAFETY POOL COVER. UNDER TRACK SYSTEM. 2. SECTIONS. IN2010LGLD Infinity 4000 Recessed Left IN2010RGLD Infinity 4000 Recessed Right 3. FT0001 Infinity 4000 Mounting Feet (set) 4. DS5000M SS End Casting Assembly Motor End 5. DS5000O SS End Casting Assembly Opposite End

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