Annitori rl quickshifter manual

The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Nov 01, 2011 Did a quick test run outside my neighborhood (not the best location and too much traffic), but you can get an idea of how the quickshifter shifts May 25, 2013 Gen4: Annitori Quick Shifter Install Ok, I bought the item through Annitori Distributing, excellent communication, very helpful and item arived in Australia in about a week!

This is what the item looks look on arriving. Apr 26, 2013  The Annitori RL Quickshifter by HM is a sophisticated fully digital electronic device that eliminates the use of the clutch from the shifting process. This means smoother and seamless shifting that helps you to become a Jul 01, 2012 The Annitori RL Quickshifter is an extremely sophisticated, fully digital and microprocessor controlled, Strain Gauge sensor based system that is the highest technology available in the World today.

Nov 07, 2011 Install quick shifter (annitori rl) on 06rr After removing all of the fairings, propping up the fuel tank and removing all of the screws from the airbox (lost a little bracket that holds the dynamat stuff).

Dec 13, 2014 you will need an android phone with nfc technology. then its wee buns. thats northern irish for easy Annitori RL Quick Shifter vs Hm Quickshifter The difference between the Annitori Quick Shifter and the HM Quickshifter is the Annitori is what we call a lite version. With all our Hm Quickshifters they are fully adjustable for both kill time and sensitivity. Feb 10, 2014  The annitori rl shifter kills whether you are going up or down from the factory, you just don't notice it since you have to pull the clutch in to downshift anyways.

Annitori quick shifter kill times. Quote: Originally Posted by A. Carey6 View Post. But with the annatori you still have to pullthe clutch in to downshift correct? Nooooo, May 09, 2012  Annitori RL Quickshifter Problem I have a 2009 R1 and so far the shifter has been nothing but trouble in my world.

Annitori is trying to work with me but its been over a month and I am still without a functional product. ANNITORI QUICK SHIFTER. WHAT IS A QUICK SHIFTER? HOW DOES THE ANNTORI RL QUICKSHIFTER WORK?

WHY DO I WANT A QUICK SHIFTER ON MY MOTORCYCLE? DO I EVER STILL WANT TO USE MY CLUTCH? SHIFT ROD KITS Annitori Racing logo: Sensor on shift rod photo: Annitori Shift Rods photo: 4Cyl Annitori Racing QS PRO Quickshifter: Performance Annitori rl quickshifter manual Systems.

QS PRO Quickshifter. Final inventory closeouts hurry for the best deals! : DEALER LOGIN: MICRON: Annitori Racing QS PRO Quickshifter: Performance Exhaust Systems hm quickshifter for the edge Cutting edge technology design, development and delivery GIVING YOU THE EDGE. Were very ambitious at HMQuickshifter, driven by a passion for maximising both individuals choice of motorcycle Nov 14, 2014  Yamaha R1 Forum: YZFR1 Forums R1 Related Discussion Appearance& Mods Annitori RL Quickshifter Problem Closed Thread.

My mechanic found out that the harness from the quickshifter to coil is quite short and maybe becouse of that it disconnect by itself due to vibration. He started my bike Dec 06, 2013 I've been trying to find comparison reviews online, and the only examples i could find are videos. it may not be 100 the case, but of the ones i've

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